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End of the year survey
It seems like most years I am rushing to finish up things but somehow this year, even with a ridiculous amount of interruptions to the Spanish class schedule, most classes were finishing up some sort of presentational writing task at the end of the year. Wh...

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Getting in more interpersonal mode
A few months ago I blogged about the interpersonal mode and how I needed to do more with it in my class. Well, I'm happy to report that my students have been rocking out the interpersonal mode this second half of the year because of a few easy changes I've ...

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What I'm watching to keep up my Spanish
As a non-native speaker living in a predominately English speaking community it can be tough to find ways to practice my Spanish but watching TV is one of my favorite ways to expand my vocabulary and get listening practice. There are TONS of shows out there...

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Pets, pets, pets
I'm in my fifth year teaching and I'm finally at a point where I am repeating units that I've taught before but I don't know if I'll ever stop refining them. Take my Lost Pet unit, which my third graders loved last year. This year I'm teaching it to 5th gra...

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Science & Art in the FLES classroom - Arpillera Habitats
This year my goal has been to really hit the Connections C of the 5 Cs. I attended the World Language and Arts Integration Academy this past summer and saw how my colleague Mercedes Harn uses art in her Spanish classes and was inspired. And since we lost ou...

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Mixing it up with proficiency levels
Having students at different levels happens sometimes in high school but it's pretty much a given in an elementary class. Let's talk about just one of my fifth grades classes... My school likes to group all the ELL kids in one class to make it easier for sc...

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More Kagan Structures to get your students talking
I wrote a post last year about how I use Kagan structures in my classes . I also use Rally Coach. After some refresher sessions and observing a teacher who is an absolute master at Kagan I've added more to my rotation. Here is a list of what I use and how I...

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A year of growth
I love the blog, books, and podcast from Gretchen Rubin. She recently quoted Yeats on her blog,  “Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.” I'm in year 5 of teaching (with 4 years...

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Animales Yoga
My kindergartners are talking about what animals they like. It's also that time of year where more often than not we have indoor recess which means when I see them after lunch they are more than a little squirmy. My solution? Yoga! It's great for kinestheti...

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Why I love kindergarteners
About this time of year I start thinking if I wouldn't be better off teaching high school - the time of the year when the budget committee meets and rumors of the elementary World Language positions being cut. But then I have a kindergarten class and I reme...
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