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Joel Gilmore
Physicist and science communicator in Brisbane.
Physicist and science communicator in Brisbane.

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"This study concludes that the level of infrasound at houses near the wind turbines assessed is no greater than that experienced in other urban and rural environments, and that the contribution of wind turbines to the measured infrasound levels is insignificant in comparison with the background level of infrasound in the environment."

So, yet again, nothing to see here folks.

To chime in on the Beyonce lip-syncing debacle, my feeling is if she "did not feel comfortable taking the risk" of singing live, then perhaps she should have given the honour to someone who would take that risk. If you can't sing live, you're not a live singer.

I can't imagine lip-syncing as "one of my proudest moments".

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Damn you, Bakers Delight. How can I resist this?

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The transit of Venus, 2012 - pretty amazing! (Even if the photography isn't :) ) I really enjoyed seeing it with the naked eye through filtered glasses too - amazing (*) that you can see it without magnification.

( * ) I understand the science and maths, and I know it's not surprsing - but it still feels like it!
6 June 2012
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Whether this will replace Dropbox for me, I don't know, but the sizing and price point for additional space is definitely attractive.

I love living in the future!

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This report from the slyly named "Global Warming Policy Foundation", actually a climate change denialist group, is making the rounds (starting with The Australian, of course).

No doubt bloggers with more time than I will do a proper critique and deconstruction shortly, but from first read the numbers and arguments presented therein are a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

Yes, wind power is expensive - but that's not in and of itself an argument against it. So just beware of what you hear on the news in the next day or so!

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I discovered something both traumatic and ingenious today: the delicious Shlix gelati bar had a slightly different menu on display when I went's salad!

They're actually a salad bar by lunch and gelati bar by night - very clever, really. The owner did assure me, however, that all flavours were available in the back room if I so desired. :)

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* facepalm *

There's so much wrong with this article. My favourite bugbear is that because a lot of people use it, it must be right (or at least legitimate). Yeah, well, a lot of people subscribe to Scientology. As the great philosopher Tim Minchin says, "I don't believe just 'cos ideas are tenacious it means they are worthy."

Fortunately, miraculously even, for once the comments (for the most part) warm the cockles of my heart!

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The Bad Astronomer +Philip Plait gets right to the point on the Heartland institute.

I think this is another key difference between scientists and deniers (in all their forms): the scientists don't have time to screw around answering baseless claims, but they still do. Because the truth is important. Deniers, however, immediately launch their lawyers and start talking about "hate groups". (And, you know, these claims aren't baseless - except possibly for one faked memo.)

Grrrr. I'd love to think that Heartland are just ignorant - but I can't believe they're not corrupt. (Oh, and I love the line "The authenticity of those documents has not been confirmed." Which is pretty much double speak for "They're true.")

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Regarding the mission to launch a person into orbit:

"Almost all the workers back then were in their 20s and fresh out of college. The managers were in their 30s. 'I don’t know if I’d trust a 20-year-old today,' Mr. Beckel said."

Makes you think, doesn't it? (And should I have done a lot more before turning 30? ;) )
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