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Must be the week for big updates. Fedora 26 has been released today.

Currently performing a dnf system-upgrade on my Toshiba Satellite laptop.

Just two package conflicts in over 3000 installed packages. I've allowed dnf to remove those and will reinstall them after the update is completed.

Update: One of the conflicting packages was meshlab which I use for my 3D printing activities. Unfortunately it won't install after the update and the upstream package build is broken.

3D printing support in fedora has taken a nosedive recently. Cura is broken, pronterface hasn't transitioned to GTK3 well and now meshlab. A pity because it showed great promise.

Android 7.0 (Nougat) appeared for my Sony Xperia XA Ultra today and I'm hugely impressed.

Not only is the performance better than the previous version, Sony have done a superb job on the aesthetics and ergonomics in this release.

It really is a pleasure to use. Well done Sony!

Well, I'm impressed!

"banklinersa. co. uk" was registered today, has a valid DKIM record and has already started sending phishing e-mails before the domain has propagated into DNS fully.

Is this a clever scammer? I'm not sure because whois information returns a home address for the registrant who is an individual.

At least the domain has found its way into the Spamhaus blocklist now. I wonder if the registrant considers the effort whorthwhile?

Is it just me, or have the Linux kernel 4.10 updates come at a faster pace than normal?

I use both Arch Linux and fedora and it's been about once a week on kernel updates.

Sure, you'll say that a LTS kernel is an option if I'm that concerned about the situation but I wonder if 4.10 has been a problematic kernel series.

Updated my desktop and laptop to fedora 25.

Generally a good update but I cannot use Wayland as the graphics server due to incompatibilities with Diodon (a clipboard manager) and Lazarus (a Pascal IDE) which I am quite reliant upon.

All my existing applications are there and work as before. There was some breakage of Bumblebee (co-existing Intel and NVIDIA graphics) with Xorg-1.18 which has been resolved with a Xorg-1.19 update.

I am currently testing builds of Marlin firmware because the underlying avr-gcc has been updated from 4.9.3 to 6.2.0 which is quite a leap. The code compiles and is, interestingly, a few hundred bytes smaller but whether it runs correctly is to be determined.

Anyone have an ARTEMIS PP700SA?

I'm referring to the newer model PP700 with black grips.

I am interested in opinions on accuracy and shot power consistency before I purchase one.

Making excellent progress with building Marlin-1.1.0-RC7 for the Mendel90!

Actually, it's built and printing a test object right now. Just need to merge in my Panelolu2 display changes and tidy-up then I can publish it.

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I didn't see this coming!

Announced today at TCT 2016 in the UK is the Prusa i3 MK2 Multi-material printing upgrade.

This uses two or four steppers to feed into a single hotend assembly. You can extrude up to four materials in one print.

I thought that those people on here who have recently bought the i3 MK2 might be interested in this.

Video at:

I'm somewhat puzzled! The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has added some GNU/Linux functionality (beyond Bash in Developer Mode). Why?

Are there must-have killer applications that only run on GNU/Linux? As far as I'm aware most decent Free Software has a Windows download available.

Are Windows Developers getting so bored they feel the need to dabble in GNU/Linux without setting-up a VM or dedicated hardware.

The only benefit I can see from this is that you can now have a UN*X'ish command line development environment without installing Cygwin et. al. but what's the big deal?

A bit of an update.

I've had my Daystate Huntsman Regal a couple of weeks now and I must say I'm impressed.

I chrono'd it with Air Arms Field 4.52 and it was at 10.39fpe with a 0.02fpe spread.

A similar test with H&N Field Target Trophy 4.50 put it at 11.36fpe and a similar 0.02fpe spread.

The Falcon Optics M18B scope (4-18x44 FFP Brabant reticle 30mm tube) compliments the rifle nicely.

I zeroed at 25m (27 yards) and with a x9 magnification and suitable side-focus adjustment it will do me nicely for HFT. I've found accuracy on the FT range excellent. I can reach out to 55 yards with 2.2 mil of holdover repeatably.

I dare say that I might have found a cheaper setup with identical performance but sometimes it isn't about the money. I have a rifle that is left-handed without any compromise and it fits like a glove so I'd say it's money well spent.

The gun's sorted now it's down to time spent honing my shooting skills. I particularly want to get unsupported standing shots nailed.
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