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Elsafeer Internet Services
Broadband Satellite Internet service provider VSAT in Basra , Iraq
Broadband Satellite Internet service provider VSAT in Basra , Iraq


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Elsafeer is a satellite Internet service provider ISP, we provide high speed and reliable Internet access via VSAT to a variety of organisations including; multi-nationals organisations, privately owned businesses and government establishments in Basra and across the south of Iraq. 

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About us 

 Founded in 2003 in Basra and since then we have been successfully delivering remote communication solutions for businesses, industrial and academic institutes as well as government establishments.

We provide high performance, secure and reliable network infrastructure for Internet and communication services to remote locations across the south region of Iraq.

Our VSAT systems provide high speed satellite Internet & private network communications. VSAT is ideal for browsing, multimedia applications, large file transfers, emergency backup communications, digital audio or video transmissions, flexibility remote LAN, WAN and Internet connectivity.

VSAT is an excellent way to connect remote offices, camp sites or oilfield crews to provide Internet connectivity for a video transmission, Voice over IP telephone services, or to send or receive data for your business operations. Elsafeer VSAT services provide variable speeds from 64 Kbps to multi-Mbps.

As the quality always comes first, We have the experience, versatility and flexibility to develop communications solutions around our customers requirements. More importantly, we are an engineering-led business and this means we never cut corners or compromise on any part of the service we deliver.

If you wish to know more about our internet solutions or finding out more about how we can help your business or perhaps have a specific enquiry then please feel free to to get in touch.
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We would like to announce that we are now offering complete free satellite Internet system hardware for premium VSAT service packages !

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