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I was just wondering if anyone makes a Fat Cargo Bike. So I started my search at Surly and they did not disappoint.

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Eugene Stoner's 60 year old design for the Armalite Rifle 15 is often described as grown-up's Lego due to the modularity that yields better end-user ergonomics and brings in some aspects of OpenSource. as part designs must remain compatible to established contact points (think API) but can be built in any suitable material without needing permission.

The Internet has some great folks who have assembled a database of many parts, so getting, for example, a sense of possible weight savings for the price is possible.

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Darth Vader and BB-8 fishing rods?!

Yep, I can't explain it either.

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Plants are growing. I had covered the main garden with my plastic mesh. You can see radishes already popping up.

And the hops are starting to be unruly. I will need to put their silver sheet at the base soon, to keep bugs away an keep a lot of the water out.
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1 day on bike == ~1 hour by car. Not the same experience, but this isn't an easy ride.

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Truly my favorite duo in Youtube. Every topic has me nodding along and learning something new. Cool.

PS gotta find that bridge.

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Nice overview of 2017 Overland Expo West. I'm pretty stoked for a return visit to Overland Expo East this year and perhaps visit the West edition next year.

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Great primer on Canadian Gun Ownership.

Great pacing, good graphics and clear statement.

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So what is the magic? Million mile Toyota Tundra.

For one, maintenance.
For two, the location of use ... ie "not the rust belt".

Still, one can but hope such vehicles, heck with half-that mileage still can happen.

But 10-to-1 some douchebag computer part would fail and the chain reaction would eat the vehicle. Car's are now entirely under the influence of Murphy.

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Small custom campers don't get smarter then this.
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