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Drawing: the ancient art of communicating and stress relief. Why not give it a go? We can help.

Did you have a good day at work...? Why not have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and relax.. with a bit of S and G.

Being creative relieve stress: Be creative, share it with your peers on @VitokitoOnline and relax.

Why not turn your hand to drawing: best way to relieve stress and its less messy.

Upload your work, on Vitokito and leverage the work you have already done to show people your genius. Show the "work" not the end product.

How do you become the best... Hard work, practice, and with a bit of feedback from your friends so you can mend your ways.

Oscar Swahn (72) is the oldest person ever to compete in the Olympics.Be the best at what you do;age, gender, or weather is not relevant.

Can you create something as awesome as this... Check it out, give it a try and share it on Vitokito.

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