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HONG KONG: If you were Umi, what would you do?

Produced by The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) of Hong Kong, "Harassment" talks about Umi, a young Indonesian migrant domestic worker, who has been sexually harassed by her male employer. Umi has a family of more than ten members in Indonesia with a very heavy economic burden. Facing a situation like this, what can Umi do?

Watch the video in English, Cantonese or Mandarin (also available with subtitles in Bahasa Indonesia and Thai):

#domesticworkers #hongkong #EOC #indonesian #migrantworker #sexualharassment #female #burden #maleemployer
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SOUTH AFRICA: What is the relationship between employer and domestic worker? What is a fair way in paying the domestic worker?

Myrtle Witbooi, General Secretary of SADSAWU, talked to the radio host Aubrey Masango on the above issues and how #domesticworkers can go about understanding their #rights better and managing power disparities.

Listen to the radio talk:
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National Union of Domestic Employees (NUDE) and Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) commemorating International Women's Day.

Theme: "Inspiring Change - Change begins with me"
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UNITED KINGDOM: IDWF Statement: No tied-visa system in the UK – #Respect and #Rights for domestic workers!

Read the full statement:

On April 6 2014, we joined domestic workers in the #UK in commemorating a very sad anniversary: two years earlier, on April 6 2012, the #British Government re-introduced a #visa-system, which ties a migrant domestic worker to her/his employer.

This is linkened to the #situation of domestic workers in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. Every day, we receive terrible news from that region on the #exploitative conditions of #domesticworkers, including physical and sexual #abuse and even torture, sometimes leading to the death of a worker. Under no circumstances these conditions can be justified.

The only solution to stop exploitative employers is to end such a visa system and to replace it by a rights-based system for the workers, which is enforced by state authorities.
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MEXICO: Again, congrats to Marceline on receiving the Mexican National Award for Equality and No Discrimination! IDWF would like to share this joy with all of you with a warm letter from Marceline:

YES, DOMESTIC WORKERS ARE IMPORTANT! WE WILL BE SEEN! Let's get up to make ourselves visible!


Read the letter in PDF and more:

#conapred #mexico #domesticworkers #award #equality #nodiscrimination
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GLOBAL: IDWF e-Newsletter #3 - APR 2014 is ready! Check out our latest issue:

1. Thirteen Ratifications! Our Next Targets: Tanzania, Jamaica, Chile and Mexico 

2. Our Affiliates' Activities 
3. Asian Domestic Workers Leaders Discussed Regional Networking, February 23-24 
4. IDWF Regional Coordinator, Marcelina Bautista 
received Award on Equality & No Discrimination 

...and more

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JAMAICA: Encouraging news from ‪‎Jamaica‬! The GraceKennedy is seeking to identify the Household Worker of the Year from nominations from the public. From the nominations, ten finalists will be chosen who will be interviewed by a panel, and the top three selected. The ‪inaugural‬ ‪award‬, scheduled to become an annual presentation, will see the eventual overall winner receiving a trophy named in memory of Dr. Heather Little-White, a cash award of $250,000 and the opportunity to nominate a student to receive an ‪educational‬ ‪#‎grant‬.

Shirley Pryce, President of the Jamaica ‪Household‬ ‪Workers‬ Union, expressed her sincere appreciation for the GraceKennedy ‪initiative‬.
"These are very hardworking people who very often don't get the ‪recognition‬ and respect they ‪#‎deserve‬. I am really happy to know that GraceKennedy sees the ‪#‎value‬ of their work and has chosen to reward them in this way," she said.

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JAMAICA: "While many #domesticworkers work in adequate surroundings and are paid in line with the #Government's directives on the #minimumwage, far too many do not experience the level of #decency and #respect that should be extended to every #human being. #Protection for domestic workers is long #overdue. People turn a blind eye to the domestic worker #issue. We have had enough #hurt and it is time for us to be #heard."

- Shirley Pryce, Executive Director of the #Jamaica #Household #Workers #Union


Photo: Lowrie-Chin Post
JAMAICA - Shirley Pryce says: "While many domestic workers work in adequate surroundings and are paid in line with the Government's directives on the minimum wage, far too many do not experience the level of decency and respect that should be extended to every human being. Protection for domestic workers is long overdue. People turn a blind eye to the domestic worker issue. We have had enough hurt and it is time for us to be heard."
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SAUDI ARABIA: URGENT CALL! Time is running out for Indonesian domestic worker on Saudi death row. Please sign and share the petition NOW calling on the King of Saudi Arabia to stop the execution of Satinah Ahmad and commute her death sentence.

Sign the Petition:

Please also share with your friends and family on your G+ or other social media.

Photo: Amnesty International Australia

#saudiarabia #urgentcall #petition #sign #kingofsaudiarabia #stopexecution #deathpenalty #deathsentence #indonesian #domesticworkers #actionnow
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Indonesia pays 'blood money' to save maid from execution in Saudi Arabia
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Contact Information
Contact info
Our objective is to build a strong, democratic and united domestic/household workers’ global organization to protect and advance domestic/household workers’ rights everywhere.

What Are We

We are a membership-based global organization of domestic/household workers. By domestic/household worker we mean any person engaged in domestic/household work within an employment relationship. We believe domestic work is work and all domestic/household workers must enjoy the same rights as all other workers. 

As of January 2014, we have 47 affiliates from 43 countries. Majorities of them are trade unions and others are associations and workers coops.

What We Do

The 5-Year Action Plan, adopted at the Congress guides us in moving forward.

In 2014, our key activities are:
  • organizing of migrant domestic workers in India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Argentina and Ethiopia;

  • ratification of C189 in Tanzania, Benin, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Jamaica;

  • enactment of domestic workers policies/legislations in countries, particularly India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brazil and Chile;

  • campaign against excessive recruitment fees on Indonesian migrant domestic workers;

  • to participate in the ILO processes on "Trafficking and Forced Labour" and "Transitioning from Informal to Formal Economy”: to provide inputs on the ILO reports and participate at the ILC in Geneva in 2014;

  • conduct strategic development planning among our affiliates;

  • to hold capacity-building and gender training activities with our affiliates, e.g. in Nepal, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania and Guinea;

  • launch of CoP (Community of Practice) and training on web-based communication technique

  • production of a domestic workers training manual;

  • coordinate international action day activities on March 30, May 1, June 16 and December 18;

  • to advocate for legal reform to protect migrant domestic workers in the Arabic and GCC countries.