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Hi , I'm new to the group and to cypher gaming. I'm a bit intrigued by it. However I was wondering is The Strange best suited to do one shots or overarching story lines such as a campaign from older games..

Hmm recently watched a video in regards to hobgoblins mounted on phase spiders... Seems like an awesome idea.. Especially with the recent return of Gaxmoor..However I was wondering if anybody here would have an idea on how to best stat this out.. Im thinking of a recurring nemesis for a fresh party of adventurers .. Something to cut their teeth on and perhaps prevent this idea from catching on amongst other hobgoblins... Hmmm think of a massive invasion of phase spider riding hobgoblins... Any suggestions will be well received as I attempt to puzzle this out..BTW its nice to be back doing something I enjoy...

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A game system that you can pretty much anything in....
Fantasy Grounds
Fantasy Grounds

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Just awesome .....

Hi all,
 Just curious if you were to run a ghostrider game based on the first movie which setting would you all use??? My idea is to have it take place during the contract signing....

Hello All ,
  Im working on my first Archetype for an SW SpaceWolves (Space Marines) game.. This is what I have so far ... Look it over and let me know what you all think..

This is for the Blood Claws ( Novice Space Wolf Marine , Newly inducted into the Space Wolves.) Their the ones that would rather wade into melee combat then to stand and have a shoot out.. This is the feel Im trying to get with this particular Archetype...

Starting Equpment:
Chain Sword - Str +d8 (unactivated) +1d6 (if activated)
SMG ( Bolter) -  12/24/48 , Rof 3 ,  45 shots , 2d6 damage 
Light Power Armor +8 armor ,5 mods , 8 pace
   - Sensor Suite 1 mod
   - Command pack 1 mod
  - self sealing  1 mod
  - Trauma System 1 mod
 - power pack 1 mod

0 mod points left

Free Edges
- Hard to kill

Given Hindrance :
- Vow - to protect the Emperor and the imperium
- Frenzy/ Berserker

 All attributes start with base d6 rather then d4 - purchase as per SW deluxe to uprade..

 - Skills purchased as per SW Deluxe/ SCify companion

 Any thoughts are welcomed 

Looking over the Explorers Deluxe book it seems that it is possible to run a 40k kill team style game... Has anybody here experimented with such an idea... If so how did it work out ??

Hi all, 
 Im not certain if this is the proper place to post this but if not please forgive me...
 I was toying around with the ETU adventure generator and came upon an interesting mix of cards... However It seems that the adventure would be more investigative then horror is this a common trait.. It came up as follows:
   Who - organized crime/criminal
   What - Missing person - Student
   Why - Secret / Secret (perhaps I can add some horror here but not certain what )
   Where - Campus - Dorm 
   Complication - The cavalry

So for curiousities sake ... How would an experienced SW GM write this up... I want to learn the system as well as the setting and learn best by interactions like this ... So my apologies If I seem to be a nuisance...
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