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Dear Oskar,
we dispute your version of events and whilst we respect your opinion in regards to this matter - it is prudent that we also outlined our facts.
We attended to resolve the issue of the hot water pipe that was broken at your property. Upon our investigation a blockage was found and a deposit was taken for our specialist jetting team to attend to clear the blockage and a deposit of £150 was paid to secure the booking. Upon their arrival due to the condition of the pipe it was deemed too fragile to with stand the high pressure jetting. It was at this point our engineers were instructed to clear the blockage using plungers and acid. They subsequently spent 50 minutes at your property and proceed to clear the blockage. This was all signed and agreed by yourself onsite. We explain there would be nu charge as the deposit was used to cover the cost of the acid and the time spent clearing the blockage. You accepted the charges and explained that you needed a report for the works in order to claim back the cost from your landlord. Some 4 or 5 weeks later you proceed to walk in our office and asked to speak to a technical manager as you were seeking a refund for the completed works. When pressed why you were seeking a refund it transpired that as your landlord had decided not to cover the cost of the works you felt you too should not have to pay. When we explained we had actually carried out a service and completed the requested works - you proceed to claim we were only onsite for 10-15 minutes. When we presented the GPS tracker report from the van which showed the two engineers where on site for just over 50 minutes you claimed you did not agree with that and we presented to you the job report signed on the day that verified our report and findings. It was at this point you screamed at our staff demanding a refund which we refused based on the above information. As a gesture of goodwill as we understood the landlord had refused to reimburse you we offered a credit on your account as a gesture of goodwill. This was refused by yourself and you stormed off swearing. If you wish to take up my offer that I emailed you directly with then feel free to contact me direct - best regards,
Will Anderson
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