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There is but one rule, and it is this: there must never be but one rule.
There is but one rule, and it is this: there must never be but one rule.



Inspired by my pals +Richard Rogers and +Lowell Francis and some of my other peers at The Gauntlet, who have done this recently.

A Penny for My Thoughts
Project Ninja Panda Taco
Sorcerer (and several supplements)
The Dictionary of Mu
Mouse Guard
Shock: Social Science Fiction
Full Light Full Steam
Mortal Coil
Ribbon Drive
Fate Accelerated
Houses of the Blooded
Epyllion Ashcan
Velvet Glove Ashcan
Cartel Ashcan
The Play's the Thing
Our Last Best Hope
Farewell to Fear
The Ministry Initiative
D&D 4th ed
D&D 5th ed

I bet there are more. Certainly I have lots of PDFs that I haven't played. So yeah.

This is what I will stand for, and encourage my children to stand for:

"I pledge devotion to the ideals
of the United States of America
as ordained and established
in our Constitution,
a living document guiding us
to strive to form a more perfect union,
dynamic, diverse, yet indivisible
with Liberty and Justice for All."

Recently, playing Fallout 4, I completely bankrupted myself and wasted a ridiculous amount of time and effort building a concrete and metal wall around one of my larger settlements. I quickly discovered, however, that many of the spawn points for raiders and monsters turned out to be INSIDE the wall. So it was all pointless and stupid.

Because I was playing a game, I was able to revert to a save-point from before I started focusing on that fucking wall, and move forward from there.

We won't be able to revert to any earlier save-points in real life. This is not a game. #iamnotentertained

"They heard me singing and they told me to stop. Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock."


"I'm unstoppable today, unstoppable today, unstoppable today, I'm unstoppable toda-eee-yay"

- an Arcade Fire/Sia mashup for my kindred spirits

I think it's important to remember that this season, the gift that Evangelical Christians have given the world is not the hope of a baby in a manger, but the hate of a billionaire in a gold bedroom.

We must never NEVER let that be overlooked or ignored.

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Hey, I just found out what I'm getting for my birthday - A ROOT CANAL!!

HaHaHaHaHah ...

I've been thinking a lot lately about legacy.

What do I want to make sure gets left behind when I'm gone? What creations of mine should be left to represent my art? What moments and memories should remain in the minds and hearts of those who cared about me? And what life-experience-based knowledge or wisdom do I think important enough to want to offer to those who remain after me?

Well, there are lots of little trinkets and artifacts of my making spread around all over the place. Jewelry, masks, paintings, stories, snippets of stories. Many things that are unfinished but still distinct enough for people to decide what to do with. Hopefully some of it will be kept and remembered.

The moments and memories? Well, they'll be a mish-mash of good, bad, and in-between, just like with most people. They'll be drawn from face-to-face interactions and online threads. They'll be filtered through whatever image and perception of me that any given person might have, and they'll form an aggregate of a picture of who people thought I was, and there won't be a damn thing I can do about how those stories turn out. I have some say, yes. In whatever time I've got left I can be as loving, positive, mature, understanding, and supportive as I can, and that might help color the memories and stories a bit. But I'm also pretty sure that in the minds and hearts of most people who know me to whatever degree, the general trajectory of who they believe I am, how I communicate, and what I think is already pretty much set. I own that I have been sarcastic, mean, condescending, bitter, provocative, passive-aggressive, selfish, privilege-blinded, and mopey in many of my writings and conversations over the years, especially since the advent of social media. Therefore, perfectly understandably, I skew that way in many peoples' minds, including with the people who know and love me most. The fact is, I've been working my ass off to communicate with more respect, niceness, and pleasantness, and trying to own it when I've failed. It hasn't done much to alter the trajectory. Either I'm still communicating like an asshat and don't see where I'm doing it, or people are reading me the way they've come to expect me to behave even when I'm not behaving quite that way. I'm actually pretty sure it's a mixture of both. Hell, let's be honest – you're very possibly reading this thing right now and thinking I'm being passive-aggressive, mopey, snarky, and condescending. The thing is, I'm trying hard not to be. I'm just being raw and real and typing what I'm thinking – and then going back to edit it if I recognize that I've written something that can be easily taken wrong.

My point is, it's too late to change what most people are going to remember about me. No matter what I do, my story has a tone and a style that is going to cause me to be remembered in a particular set of ways.

So, my creative legacy is what it is, and my social-relational legacy is what it is. That just leaves my life-experience-based knowledge and wisdom. What do I know, think, or believe that's so important to me that it's worth explicitly passing down to my kids?

I know the things I'm supposed to list here. I know the things that will make you feel okay, the things people are likely to try to say in whatever eulogies or toasts I might get. I've got some good qualities, and I've got lots of people who actually do like me – or at least the me that is pictured in their heads. I could frame my life-experience and whatever wisdom I've gained into something life-affirming and status-quo-preserving, right? That's what the me you love and care about would do. You're hoping I'll turn this mopey essay around right now and leave you with something that allows you to take your mental picture of me forward relatively intact. You want me to make it a good story with a happy ending.

And I could do that. I probably should. If I have any true decency at all, if there's any justification for the love and faith and friendship you've given me, then here's where Todd Michael Bradley aka Mike Bradley aka Michael Bradley aka Mick Bradley comes through and goes high instead of low.

Well. The thing is, I can't do that today. Not honestly. My head isn't in a “go high” frame.

But I promise to keep working on it. Those of you who've stuck with me deserve my very best. You deserve for me to figure out how to express my deepest truths in a way that shows that the love and friendship you've spent on me was worth it. You're assuming that was sarcasm just then. Nope. I'm serious.

I still want to leave this world better than I came into it.

I don't know what that looks like from where I'm standing, but I'll keep working on it.

The air gets thin when you go high, My Lovelies. So remember to breathe.

Love, Mick

Dear Trumpians, and also those who voted for him “reluctantly”,

Let me explain why so many of us are insisting that the pain, fear, and shock we feel over this election result is different than any that have come before. Here's why we're not just mad because our team lost, why we're not just being overdramatically afraid and defensive.

It's pretty simple. Trump can do anything he wants.

You remember that Access Hollywood recording? The locker-room talk, the coarse language about women? Yeah, that was a big deal, but what so often gets overlooked is the thing he said right before “grab 'em by the pussy”.

He said, - speaking of himself as a famous celebrity - “You can do anything you want.”

This is a man who believes he can do anything he wants. And his run through the primaries and the general election has only fueled that belief. He believes he can do whatever he wants now more than ever, because we've rewarded him for his behavior.

And it's not just that he believes it. The other problem is – he actually CAN.

He's not constrained by having taken large sums of money from lobbyists or special interests. He's not constrained by the traditions or values of the party he supposedly represents or the party leaders who he will be working with. He's not constrained by decorum or common sense or even a sense of respect for his fellow human beings.

Hell, he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room, the sexiest man in the world, and the worthiest person in the universe. He's not even constrained by his own self image.

He can do whatever he wants. And he will.

You conservatives who voted for him – do you honestly believe he will represent your values? Sure, he might, when it works for him, but he will toss them aside when his ego or fame is on the line. And you know it. You know it.

You Christians who voted for him – do you think he's really going to be guided by the faith and morality you cherish? Do you honestly think this guy is God's Man? Wow.

You who voted for him because you think he will actually improve the economy, or America's standing in the world – What? Really? Check the news. No, not the liberal lamestream news – I mean check whatever news sources you normally follow. Even they are finding it impossible to spin the truth of the disaster of his economic “plan”.

You disgruntled White Nationalist Alt-Right Americans who have made him your Champion – do you think he's going to do what YOU want? Well, in your case you're probably right. He will very likely end up doing a lot of the things you want. Plus, as a bonus, his legitimacy makes you legitimate. So even if he doesn't do everything you want, he's giving you plenty of cover for YOU to do it.

He is your revenge. He is the weapon you will use to teach all the black/brown/gay/liberal/politically-correct people their place. He is the bomb you have planted in the middle of a building we are all inside, and you're willing to take the bet that he won't actually go off - you figure mostly he'll just scare the hell out of the people who've wronged you and the government establishment that has used you, and he'll shake things up and all the people who are not like you will remember their place and that will all end up making YOUR America great again.

But I am telling you – and I think most of you actually know it deep down inside – he IS going to go off.

Because the very character traits that made you choose him as your weapon in the first place make it almost certain that he will go off.

And that's why this is different. Because you chose for it to be different. You wanted us to eat crow. You wanted us to take your rage seriously. You wanted the world's attention so you could air your grievances and maybe get your rightful place at the top of the mountain back. And in order to do that you weaponized an unrepentant authoritarian narcissist reality-star and now he - and the most angry and hateful of his disciples - are unleashed.

But I don't think you thought it through. Because your weaponized champion is Donald J. Trump. And the man with that name has proven time and time again that he believes he can say and do whatever he wants, and what he wants MOST is to glorify, promote, and immortalize Donald J. Trump.
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