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Championing delicious, ethical and sustainable food
Championing delicious, ethical and sustainable food

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Promo video from #FoodMadeGood16  Awards at RHH Lindley Hall. The Awards were our biggest and best celebration of delicious, sustainable food - bringing together over 300 of the UK's (and Europe's!) top chefs and restaurateurs.

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Sustainability isn’t just about the ingredients or the light bulbs you use, it’s a whole philosophy which can be boiled down to: people first
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"This bowl of goodness has been on our menu since we opened our doors in 2004. It truly is the original – when we Googled it before launching, it didn’t exist. Over the years, we’ve changed and grown a lot, but Leon evangelists will never let this one go"
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Among the best known and like-minded of the alumni, Bruno Loubet. Well, now the sorcerer (or should that be sourcerer) has finally pulled rank on his apprentice. Raymond’s restaurant, at what is now known as Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, has wrestled the National Restaurant Awards’ Sustainable Restaurant Award from Bruno’s Grain Store, two-time winner of the prize.

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“It would be a crime not to showcase what our country has to offer.” Oh yes indeed it would. And as the introduction to the wine list at Paternoster Chop House continues, “after all, our kitchen sources only the best British beef, so we bring you the very best of English wines.”

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The words obsessive and chef have go together almost as well as fish and chips. But Christian’s unbridled desire for achieving perfection and then taking things to the next level, must come close to being unrivalled.

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Incredibly, given the multitude of dedicated food days (including a whole 24 hours dedicated to Marmalade), until last year, there was no official date in the diary devoted to our great nation’s most popular dish!

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Mussels steamed with lemongrass, basil chilli & coconut juice (Asian Moules) from Jim Cowie, Captain’s Galley, Food Made Good Scottish Restaurant of the Year
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When two of the most respected scientific bodies on the planet come out and proclaim something safe you’d imagine that the vast majority of people would accept their advice. But what if that “something” just happens to be the toxic and polarising subject that is GM food?

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