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The only good excess is balance
The only good excess is balance

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Funny Caption 48: Berlusconi and Bush's Best of Friends
"Why can't everyday be Columbus Day in the White House ?" "George, maybe it's the alcohol talking. I think you're the greatest !" "Let's keep this state secret between us." " Presidential Office romance is never a good idea." "I think this is the beginning ...

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The Rise of Ethereum and the Fall of Bitcoin, and My 1st Ethereum
 Spikes Big and Small  I sold half of my Bitcoin to buy some Ether on Aug 2016 when it was priced around $10. I was thinking that at early days of Bitcoin, its price could shoot up 50 times in a few months because its market cap and supply was tiny, and ris...

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Yunnan Garden Restaurant
Yunnan Garden Restaurant 1 Fusionopolis Place #02 - 02 Galaxis Singapore 138522 Used to visit a Yunnan restaurant that was minutes walk from our place in Sydney. I can recall a large portrait of Chairman Mao adorned its wall. Because of the large portrait, ...

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Funny Caption 47: President Trump's Handiwork
"Now I understand what Paul Ryan means when he said, 'Trump is still the most hands-on president'." "Did someone say 'a beautiful piece of chocolate cake and covfefe' ?" "Trump demonstrates to NATO leaders his 'America First' policy."

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Gold's Bull Market Final Technical Reisstance - Part 3
I've been waiting to write the part 3 - the FINAL part - of this article series of  Gold Bull Market's Final Technical Resistance . Actually, i mentioned in part 2 of this article series that the more correct title should be  Gold BEAR Market's Final Techni...

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Bitcoin's Changing Landscape of Geography
As i mentioned in this previous post about the  Japanese Legalization of Bitcoin , which leads to a huge increase in Japanese money flowing into Bitcoin (as well as Korean money, but to a much smaller degree). This sudden new money moving into Bitcoin marke...

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Bitcoin Rush and Parabolic Rise
This post / article is the follow up on my previous post Bitcoin Price Breakout on Japanese Legalization of Bitcoin . So whenever i say "previous post",  "that post", on such thing, i mean the post to this link. I said in this previous post that i wasn't go...

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Lucky Saigon: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Lucky Saigon 17 North Canal Road Singapore 048829 Please indulge me for my brief detour down memory lane before it's gone for good (which is bad). It's been awhile, and I'm homesick for (but never sick of) Vietnamese food. Well, Saigon is 1 of the my 3 home...

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Thought of the Day 31: Cause and Cure of a Headache
“A crown is not a cure for a headache.”       - European proverb It's usually the cause of it, especially if it's heavy.

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Cyclical Reversal in Gold and Commodity Markets
Fundamentals of gold is one of the most difficult thing to work out. Probably because it could be viewed as commodity, store of value, inflation hedge, geopolitical fear hedge, etc. The forces that drive its price are multiple. So it's simpler and better to...
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