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How to see if dad had any files on that old windows box before blowing it away to install Linux:

ubuntu@ubuntu:/media/ubuntu/8AE2AABAE2AAAA41$ find . -mtime -730 | egrep -vi system32\|appdata\|temp\|explor\|cache\|downloader\|mozilla\|adobe\|crypto\|diag\|RAC\|Search\|defender\|prefetch\|inf\|framew\|software\|tasks\|profile\|\*.log\$\|installer\|Kingsoft\|WPS\|Images\|update\|saved\|java\|wer\|drm\|music\|silverlight\|realtek\|media\|"start menu" | head -30

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+Xah Lee any thoughts on tablet-phone-keyboardless-friendly versions of emacs? Ergo-touchpad keyebindings and drop-downs?


"Emacs has
a smaller memory footprint than your average tablet app. It would be easy to port, if it weren’t for the
fact that it demands an IBM-PC sized keyboard and about thirteen fingers at a time to operate."

+Xah Lee I would like to define one key (maybe function key) that opens files, URLS (per current browser, eww or external) and possibly external files by type (.docx, etc) no matter where I am. Suggestions?

---George Jones

+Xah Lee​ (or others) do you have any thoughts on helm? There seems to be quite a lot of activity around it.

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Insightful perspective on Internet futures.
I just wrote a blog entry (a rather long one) about where I see the internet heading. As you may expect, my view diverges significantly from the halcyon "one-world, one-internet" perspective of the I-bodies (IETF, ISOC, ICANN...)

Rather, I see political, cultural, and economic forces creating explosive pressures that will force the internet to evolve into a system much less like the unified world of Imperial Rome or today's EU (pre-Brexit) and more like Renaissance Italy with regions in competition and with strongly controlled paths for commerce.

I anticipate considerable disagreement with what I have written.

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There are solutions for wiping data on laptops headed for the dump when Microsoft and the bios manufacturers make booting Linux to do the wipe hard (30 minutes wasted googling was enough)

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So my new wifi SSID is rs232. It's really fast.

When an 8 processor box named "octo" dies and looses 2 processors, somehow "vi" seems like an appropriate hostname.

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I've read (bits of) "applied crypto" but it's easy to loose site of the forrest for the trees. Great overview by +Xah Lee​
yesterday i had a question answered that puzzled me for years. thanks to @johnkitchin @bren_fdez

Q: why random number is critical in encryption?
A: because symmetric cypher is used for payload, and the key is a random number.

understand Public-key Cryptography in 5 minutes
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