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Paul Biedermann
Smart design with business strategies that reach, engage, and inspire people to action.
Smart design with business strategies that reach, engage, and inspire people to action.


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Love to see you in the re:DESIGN Community, both here on G+ and Facebook!
See familiar faces, share great stuff, and continue to be inspired!

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We’re starting something new and bringing the re:DESIGN Community to Facebook too!

This group here isn’t going away, but for those of you who spend more time on Facebook, this might work out better for you.

So join us there too… see familiar faces, share great stuff, and continue to be inspired!
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So once again, good design always comes down to TRUST — trusting the designer(s) — an expert or team of experts devoted and deeply committed to finding successful solutions. Design is difficult (if not impossible) to achieve when too many people and processes are involved, especially if they are functioning outside their area of expertise.

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Not a big tattoo fan, but some of these are pretty cool!


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Good rant on what it means to be truly creative.
“Have you ever wondered why there are so many shitty songs, and shitty TV shows, and shitty movies? I’ll tell you why. Because it is really f***ing hard to do a good one.”

“The same is true with advertising. No one sits down to write a crappy ad. Mostly they just turn out crappy. Why? Because it’s really f***ing hard to do a good one — and there are very few people who can do it.”

“If you really believe that we are all creative, then you have to believe that it’s just a coincidence that Shakespeare wrote dozens of brilliant plays and Donald Trump didn’t.”

#creativity #advertising
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Hello, I am owner of the re:DESIGN2 Community here on G+ and posts have not been visible for a few days now. As you can see in the screen cap attached, it says:
“There was an error loading this community”
“Please reload this page to try again”

Does not work from desktop or mobile. Please HELP!!!

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Great interview with priceless commentary you can’t miss around the 6:30 minute mark: “What’s the tools of writing a book? I’ll give you a dictionary — all the words are there. Go ahead, write the book! No, it doesn’t work that way. You have to know how to put the words together.”

I’ve known about Ed Benguiat and his typeface “Benguiat” (now used in the title design for Netflix’s Stranger Things) since forever. In fact, my old rep from the type house we used to use (back when they had those) was close friends with him. I never liked the typeface much myself (think I had it in Letraset), but she had some great stories about the man.

Read more about him and his work here:
Stranger Things: meet the design genius behind TV's most talked about title font

(h/t +Beth Granger)

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Written straight from the heart of my friend +Katherine Kotaw — beautiful piece from a beautiful person.

#peace #storytelling
Slipping Into -- and Out Of -- the Uncomfortable Shoes of Fear and Prejudice

How do we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes if we’ve never tried them on?

I’ve been pondering that question in the aftermath of the recent shootings of black citizens by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota and the killing of cops by black gunmen in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

I’m neither black nor a police officer and I’ve never visited the sites of the recent killings.

But I believe that racially-motivated violence and harmful, if not fatal, prejudice will end only when we find ways to identify with those who look, dress, act, love or believe differently than we do.

So I’ve been trying on shoes to see which ones paired with my experience.

If the Shoe Fits, Fear It

And the one that I believe fits the best is fear.

I know fear. I lived with it much of my adult life.

And I know what it’s like to be afraid of a routine traffic stop.

For about five years after I went into hiding to escape from an abusive ex-husband who hired a hit man to kill me, I drove without a driver’s license.

My ex had used DMV records to stalk me. I couldn’t risk getting a license in my birth name so I drove illegally.

Every time I saw a police patrol car, I panicked. I imagined getting arrested, losing my car, stranding my daughters and dogs miles from home. Worse, I saw my name in public records, and I envisioned myself dead.

Can I identify with a black person who knows from history that getting pulled over by a cop could mean getting killed?

Yes. For different reasons but yes.


This piece has nothing to do with brand storytelling -- I dare you to find a search-friendly keyword -- but everything to do with the +KOTAW Content Marketing brand.

It's our mission to give voice to stories that MUST be told, to give love, peace and hope a chance to flourish despite what sometimes seems like insurmountable odds.

Heartfelt thanks to +Sara Hawkins, +Paul Biedermann and Michael Eric Dyson, whose words inspired mine.

Please share this one, friends. It's written straight from my heart to yours.

Read on by clicking the link below!

#peace   #racism   #domesticviolence   #speakup   #speakout  
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Is there a way to send a group email to everyone in my community?

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An interesting twist — minimalistic adornment.

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