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Now that Lost Sector is on, this community will be closed down in favour of the forums over there, to try and keep all discussion in one place

The game's page can be found here:

I know the Android version of the game hasn't been updated in a very long time, but it will be updated as soon as the desktop version is in a good enough state that we would actually call it a game and not a tech demo :-)

Thanks for all the support so far, and I'll see you on the new forums!

New Halloween build is now available! Android version available here: and desktop version available here:

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Halloween devstream tomorrow at 7pm GMT @ - tune in for some spooky stuff and some awesome news!

Version 0.5.0 now available!

Snowglobe and Avalanche have now been added in (and Avalanche looks really badass :D)

Anyone found any bugs in v0.4.0 yet?

If yes, then post them here so I can fix them! :-)

Version 0.4.0 now available!

Freeze and Ice Wave added in (swipe right for Freeze; swipe down for Ice Wave)
Enemies can now be frozen, and take damage
Kubrow removed until full AI is implemented

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Yesterday's interview with BouseFeenux_TV :-)

New Android build is out! :D

A lot of features from the last version are missing, but this is mainly just a tech demo to check that the new rendering engine (now based on OpenGL) is working properly

Also, the start of the kubrow AI - have fun with your fluffy pal!

As ever, please post all feedback here :-)

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More frequent updates: 59%
Wait until same standard: 41%

So just a quick poll:
Would you prefer me to wait until the latest build of the game is up to the same standard as the current beta version, or would you prefer me to release more frequent updates, even if a chunk of the content is missing?
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Wait until same standard
More frequent updates

Just a little update for y'all:

The rendering has now been switched over to OpenGL, so if you had FPS/RAM issues before, then hopefully they'll be fixed now (or, at the very least, hopefully they won't be as bad xD)

I've been updating the AI, so that enemies don't just patrol between 2 points, and shoot if they can see you - they will now attempt to pursue you for a short while after being alerted

The art peeps have been cranking out content like there's no tomorrow, so we now have a couple of different melee weapons (with all their own combos :D), and a fair few more enemies :-)

Half of that stuff I just wrote doesn't fully work yet, or has even started to be implemented, but I just thought I'd let you know that we're still working on LS, and progress is coming along nicely
After this build comes out, we should be able to do much more frequent updates :-)
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