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Maya has fun with Max!
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Looking through options on the New Google Photos Help page. Can someone confirm that if I have a paid Google Storage account that I can go beyond the 15GB limit on full res photos? I would assume so, but don't see anything confirming this in black and white. Thank you!

+Inbox by Gmail - yeah, pretty awesome so far. =)

+Frank D.  - sure you're already trying it out, but if not, you should definitely try out +Inbox by Gmail and write a blog post about it. Curious to get your take on the integration of email/reminders/snooze features for productivity purposes. 

Still waiting (not so patiently) for my +Inbox by Gmail invite... ::sigh::

Another shot hoping they've started making their way to more people: anyone have an Inbox invite they'd like to share...? =D

All right, Googleverse - who has an Inbox by Gmail invite they'd be willing to send me???

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The first step is admitting you have a problem, right...?

Finally! Break me off a piece of that #KitKat  bar! +Android +Samsung USA 

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