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Lisa Neault
I own & operate King William Miniatures & Collectibles, I specialize in large scale furniture (mainly Bespaq ) for dolls & also dollhouse miniatures.
I own & operate King William Miniatures & Collectibles, I specialize in large scale furniture (mainly Bespaq ) for dolls & also dollhouse miniatures.

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Miss May Blossom -Custom Doll Project
In a previous post,  Custom Doll Project  ,  I had posted a few photos of my 2 custom dolls I had finished recently.  I have had time to take some more in depth photos of the dolls. Presenting: Miss May Blossom #1 & #2  Doll Specs: Doll used- Barbie Basics ...

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Welcome to Misty Hollows Poppy Parker
On Saturday, May 13, Integrity released its first wave of the Poppy Parker collection, and Poppy is going to London! The dolls are all cute, and available at dealers.  They are guaranteed to rob your wallet. And this is just the first wave of the new line, ...

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Happy Mother's Day....
Wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day.  Here is one from the archives. Poppy holding a baby I made a while back from  polymer clay.  On a whim one day I sat down with some clay and made this baby and blushed her with some chalk, and I think used some mohair...

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Faraway Forest King of the Crystal Caves has arrived!
He has finally  arrived. After months of seeing only sneaks of his armour and boots on , I was beginning to wonder if this doll would ever make his grand entrance. After getting the chance to finally order him with the pacifist $30 off r...

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Custom Doll Project finished....
I have been working on two custom dolls that are surprise gifts for two friends of mine for birthday presents. I started this project in February/ early March. I just finished both dolls the other day. It has been a learning process, since I have been slowl...

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May the 'Fourth' Be With You!
Since today is May 4th, and a play on words, May the 'Force' or Fourth' Be with you, I decided to De-box Spock and Uhura for this great eventful day. I have had them since last year but have not yet got around to buying Kirk for some reason. I will probably...

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Day #3 of the Birthday celebration continue- Vintage Country Living Barbie foldup dollhouse arrival
So day #3 of the birthday bacchanalia of the loot continues....I should mention here that my birthday is not until May 1st, Monday, lol.  Today my vintage ebay find , the Barbie Country living fold up dollhouse arrived. I won this ebay  Country Living Barbi...

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Birthday Celebrations...Loot! Day#2
Today started out normal enough, but then got hectic as the day wore on. Maybe because it got hot! Today was our first really hot day- it has rained all week.  Day #2 of the Birthday week-end celebrations and some of my loot or booty has come home.  Champag...

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Kicking off my Birthday 'Week-End' .Celebration ...Day 1
Hey Dolls! It's been a while since I posted. I have been in a quandry with work and keeping up with all the dolls that both Mattel and Integrity have been literally pelting us with! Some I have had to pass on just because there were more dolls I want from M...

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King of the Crystal Cave Ken
Well. He's finally here.  King of the Crystal Cave Ken, first male and fifth doll in the Faraway Forest series. (photos are not mine, downloaded from Barbie Collector) King of the Crystal Cave Ken is available for order now HERE  for $100  Right now, he is ...
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