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Why Content Goes Viral!
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Amazing post by +Henley Wing and +noah kagan on Why Content Goes Viral

Some cool findings:
1) Awe, laughter and amusement were the top emotions that invoked social sharing. 
2) List posts and infographics outperformed other types of blog posts.
3) Social shares were highest for content published on Tuesdays

Some other useful tips include using visuals/images to increase social sharing, include influencers to help promote content, longer content generally outperforms shorter content, and re-promote old articles.  

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A few weeks ago someone sent me a link to the BuzzSumo website. It is a gold mine of data regarding what content is the most shared across any topic. Cha-Chin
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Thanks! :-) Great read.
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Great post +Bangalore SEO Company - especially appropriate given that today is #earthday  ! Thanks for sharing +Author Rank & Google Authorship 
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B2B Lead Generation On Business Blogs [Infographic]
#b2b   #business   #infographic   #seo   #leadgeneration   #blogging  
10 Crucial B2B Lead Generation Opportunities On Your Business Blog

Your company blog is not just for posting announcements and events - it's the fishing net that captures all the potential prospects, build brand awareness, drive traffic and turns visitors into sales leads. But for your blog to become an effective lead generation tool, it must take advantages of every opportunity to increase its chances.

Here's an infographic from +Callbox proposing 10 crucial elements you shouldn't miss on your blog.

Some key highlights are:

> Use Flirtatious headlines
> Highlight educational content
> Observe current events and discuss trending issues
> Visually stand out
> Don't neglect your social networks.

Pin it:


H/t +Belinda Summers

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So dumb I like it :)
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Catch the Passion!
#inspiration   #passion  
What is life without dreams and passion... .   .     .
Don't pay heed to anyone who belittles your dreams. Keep up the passion and keep chasing your dreams...
Here is my recent post on how to make your own dreamboard:
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Have them in circles
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Turning Content Into Customers!
#contentmarketing   #ecommerce  
How To Turn Your Content Into Customers:

There are 3 stages to creating die-hard customers out of your content marketing.

#contentmarketing   #customerexperience   #brandadvocacy   #marketing  
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SEO Tips: Content Marketing Matrix [Infographic]
#seo   #contentmarketing   #infographic   #seotips   #marketing  
#Topics for #SEO - Content Marketing Matrix that gross the highest success for any website @
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Tips To Improve Marketing Writing!
#marketing   #contentmarketing  
7 Tips for Improving Your Marketing Writing

1. Write with a single person in mind.
2. Say what you mean, as clearly as possible.
3. Support your key statements.
4. Always end your writing on a strong point.
5. Write once and edit twice.
6. Read the document out loud before you send it.
7. Never send or publish something you'll regret later.

#bettercommunication   #businesstips   #businesswriting
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Men Key
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Social Media, Marketing and PR: Who's Responsible for What?
#socialmedia   #marketing   #pr  
Do you get into a mess with these concepts? #socialmedia   #marketing   #PR  
PR has changed in a major way since the advent of social media, which falls under the larger umbrella of general marketing. So, who's responsible for what?
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Google+ Metrics Change: How Marketers Should Handle the Switch to Page Views!
#googleplus   #seo   #marketing   #pageviews  
We love this +Randy Milanovic exclusive that covers what Google Plus's switch from +1s to views means, and why the relationship between #ROI and impressions may not be what you think it is:

(Obviously, we loved this graphic, too.)
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Have them in circles
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What Determines Your Google Author Rank and How Does Google Authorship Work? Google is connecting content creators (authors) to their content, and when the content is shown to be "high quality" due to various factors (reader response, engagement, response on social media, ...), then this moves the content higher in the Google search engine. We explore the who, what, where, how, why and when to help you optimize your websites and Google+ profiles and pages for optimal SEO and search rankings. We welcome your input on this evolving technology! 
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