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Marshmallow system font change yesterday overnight?!? #android #marshmallow #6.0

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This is why you Nexus

Moto x Dev edition. Had for about a year and just now unlocked and rooted it! Don't know whether I'm more ashamed of waiting this long, or proud of holding myself back from killing the warranty.

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Vacation :)

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Inbox invite?

Email between 3-4 PM PST (6-7 EST) and they'll let you in

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At least now we know it's going to be version 5.0 :D

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Excuse me physics but, really?!?!

Surface Tension Droplets at 2500fps - The Slow Mo…:

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Even they know they've ruined it. Used to be cool
Just found this out today.. well I'm using Windows less and less, so it's understandable ;) Anyway, good to know Microsoft is not recommending MSE anymore.

#antivirus   #windows   #mse   #microsoft  

Not sure if I should post this somewhere Debian specific but, I'm having issues getting Debian Jessie to become a bootable USB.

Now I may be doing everything right but this computer is an Asus eeepc (Intel atom, nvidia ion) piece of old media center garbage. Wouldn't boot anything off my yumi stick or load off my usb 3.0 32gb stick. I attempted to get centos on this thing and it would not load from USB or USB CD. I would get past the install and to grub and then it would not be able to see the ISO on the USB if I just dd'ed the image. Manually creating the USB I had similar issues.

Debian, weezy 64 installed just fine from usb. However I want to run steam since steamos (the new one that supports bios installed fine from USB) doesn't have the ion drivers steam won't load correctly. I've attempted to get the packages needed in weezy by enabling i386 for multiarch and enabling the testing repos so I can get the newer packages. its a shit show Apt-get wants to remove a gnome and x and the nvidia drivers I put on there and a million other packages. That's why I want Jessie 32

I've made a USB just dd'ing the Jessie netinstall and xfce

I've tried using zcat the boot.IMG and coping the ISO onto there. I did get the boot.IMG from stable though

I've tried the manual fat16 bootable MBR syslinux syslinux.cfg vmlinuz (copied from Jessie ISO install.i386 Dir)

None of these have even been bootable at all. I select USB boot manually and it just goes right to grub after a few seconds.

I'm running out of ideas and I'm pretty sure I could be missing something simple. I'm going to try to put grub on the USB and boot the ISO that way.

Please help

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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