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Mattias Davidsson
ICT researcher, particle physicist, skeptic and all in all swell guy
ICT researcher, particle physicist, skeptic and all in all swell guy


What is required for somebody to use Google Photos? Ie the app.

I know teachers and parents who use a dedicated photo sharing service/app (prion) which basically does the same - but less - compared to Google Photos.

The one difference being that you dont need a google account (or any other account apart from signing up with the app) to use Prion.

So, if I download the Google Photos app and I am not in possession of a google account, will I be forced to get one? How am I in that case guided throug that process?

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How to get the HTC logo into the boot animation
So, yesterday I got a post removed, for reasons unknown to me. In the OPO forum they thought I was trolling them with the boot animation showing the HTC logo. I was not. The answer to how to get that HTC logo in the boot animation was dead easy, just change theme. See below attached images.

Images of the boot animation here:

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So, when rebooting my oneplus one, I get the following (see all photos)...

Any idéas?

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So, how do I keep mails from +MailChimp ending up in the Promotions tab and from ending up only in the "All mail" view in for the recipients?

It is an RSS campaign connected to a squarespace blog.
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I am using as my main mail, and I see that my mails end up in the "Campaigns" folder by default.

In they end up in the "All mail" entry, but NOT in the Inbox OR in any tab (if I do not force it to)

So, how do I fix this in the campaign settings?

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If I want to reproduce the following using spreadsheets, what do I do?


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photos not instantly added to Google photos
And more problems.

Since a couple of days photos taken with my camera app does not instantly shoe up when using the link in the camera app to open Google photos. Neither does it show up when opening the app explicitly. This coincides with a bunch of weird behaviors. I need to restart app for them to show up.

* photos occasionally are added twice... (see image )
* a black info bar appears on the bottom saying "switches to
* adding photos to share folders takes" forever"
* deleted photos still show up as grey empty slots in the app...

Suggestions? I recently added a few accounts to my phone for testing purposes. Could that be an issue? I am going to show sharing between users for people in two days so I need a quick fix. This problem is only for one of the accounts. The main account. 

+Leo Laporte​ you have been thinking about the future of mobile. If there is no more major updates to the mature systems that are android and iOS.

I think there is at least one major upcoming revolution ahead. And yes, it does probably involve the new Apple headphones or similar tech.

It also involves the FaceTime we have with our phones, and not with each other. Ie the nessesity of having to look at our phones over and over. And I am not just talking about notifications.

I am talking about the upcoming improvement (revolution) in text to speech, also for non English languages (who are still left behind). I envision - or would at least like - a future where the phone can really talk to us. Ie, any text on any page could be read to us. Kind of like Google on tap. But smarter. Why do I have to look at my phone to read a text based article? Or to read my mail? I should not have to. Think of the audible revolution to reading, but for mobile. That is what I envision. In short. There will be details and things we did not even envision yet. But yes, as you implies +Leo Laporte​, our ears might be the ultimate interface. We can even interact silently with technology in our ears. The pressure connection with our mouth would make possible pausing playing, fast forward and activating other features using mouth "gestures". And did I mention that this would be great also for non English languages? Google should be able to turn these kinds of features for all languages soon.

Ping +Jeff Jarvis
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En androidtelefon skall inköpas till sambon. Troligen kontant.

OnePlus 3 känns som en no-brainer. Finns det andra som kan mäta sig i pris och kvalitet i dagsläget?

OnePlus 3
OnePlus 3
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