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I have now regained access to my account.  Not that I lost it, per se, I just forgot about it. :)

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This video is really well done and a lot of fun!

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It turns out that Governor Christie (God bless the man!) is NOT going to seek the Republican nomination for prez in 2012. So you know that that means... I am personally inviting all of my New Jersey friends, family, and mafia contacts (JK!) to get on board the HERMAN CAIN FOR PRESIDENT train.

From a voter in Florida: "I liked Cain, but I wasn't sure he could win," said Zena, from Washington County. "But after I heard [his speech], I thought it doesn't matter if he wins or not - I am for this man. He was awesome." WELCOME ABOARD ZENA!

HERMAN CAIN DID A GREAT JOB TONIGHT!! Can I get a +1 from my Co-Cain Cutie here on Google+ ?!!! (That's an inside joke, goes back a few weeks. +1 if you were on that thread. lol) And +1 if you thought Cain hit a home run tonight. (or that Perry dropped out of first place towards a long slide to 5th...)

NY-9, BORUCH HASHEM! - Hebrew for "Thank God" post NY-9, BORUCH HASHEM! to your status if you like the fact that Jews, for the first time in 80 years, have voted Republican! (or if you like these viral status things, post it!) :)

"With a large population of Catholic and Orthodox Jewish residents, the 9th Congressional District is broadly blue collar and more conservative than many others in the city." Do you know what else it is? Voting Republican for the first time! #commonsensewins!
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