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Obscurity brought to light!
Obscurity brought to light!


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Shut up and take my money! 😀

Who does not want to explore the beautiful serenity of an ocean or a sea? But it is obviously not always convenient to drench into the sea to do it and, that’s where the absolutely gorgeous transparent kayak, Molokini comes in. Clear Blue Hawaii has made…

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It's looks quite spacious on the inside despite being built on just 196 square-feet.

With mortgage prices skyrocketing and construction costs hitting the roof, it has become difficult for even the architects to own their own space. However, Idaho based architect Macy Miller found this gloomy situation to be an inspiration instead. Miller…

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A stunning blend of imagination and reality.

It would not be wrong to say that Paris is nothing less than an imaginative artwork in this otherwise monotonous world. However, for Parisian photographer and photo manipulator, Vincent Bourilhon, even Paris seems to have turned rather boring hence he…

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Why take yachts, when you can ride on entire hotel.

You’d probably assume the only way to cross a considerable amount of ocean to get to an island would be through some uncomfortable boat ride but, Japan based Dutch-themed park Huis Ten Bosch begs to differ. The theme park offers its guests to stay over at…

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Create clean renewable energy in your own backyard.

Are you worried about the ongoing deterioration of the environment and the subsequent climate change? Are you trying to find how you can play your part in mitigating these effects? Well, HomeBiogas is the answer. I bet you are already familiar with the…

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No wires attached!

Imagine. Actually no, it has happened to all of us at least once so recall. You were scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, and suddenly your phone warned you about low battery so you sat by the socket, plugged in your phone, and continued to scroll…

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A must-have for all the artists out there!

The days when artists used to carry huge stationery pouches for each of their blenders, coloured pens and toners are long gone with the launch of Chameleon Pens by Chameleon Art Products. The company has come up with a single pen which can be used as a…

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Can you find your way out?

The world has witnessed numerous styles of mazes over the years, from ancient Greek labyrinth to the European mazes and to the recent American corn mazes but, ever wondered what would be the result if all these maze styles were to be combined as one?…

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Remember that Sci-Fi blockbuster, Inception? It's very very real. 😲

Remember the movie that blew your mind away? Yep, I’m talking about the incredibly famous Inception! Now, the concept seemed surreal but in the end, it was nothing but science fiction. However, what if I told you that it’s no longer a fancy case of…

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An underwater bedroom. 😮 Dubai never seizes to amaze us. 😍

How would you describe a lavish living? A mansion with a view of a beautiful garden? Or, a semi-submerged home with a mesmerizing view of coral reefs, surrounded by exotic marine life and blue water? Kleindienst Group has clearly redefined lavish living…
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