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Bernard Katz
Works at Bernard Katz Glass: creating hand-blown contemporary art glass sculpture for galleries, art consultants, and private collections worldwide
Attended Tyler School of Art
Lives in Philadelphia, PA
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Mission style table 3d model
I've been busy working on some furniture models for an interior architecture scene. I wasn't sure how light colored wood and green marble would look together, but it worked better than I expected.

#b3d   #3dmodel   #marbletable   #interiordesign  
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Bernard Katz

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Easy to unfold... Hopefully, they have instructions for folding back flat in case I move.
Origami Lighting
Issey Myake
#lighting #lightingdesign  
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Bernard Katz

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3d model of kitchen
Getting much more comfortable 3d modeling with Blender. Using a combination of tips from various tutorials... Plus having to figure out a bunch of things through trial and error, I'm fairly happy with the result.

Modelling all the components in this scene wasn't too difficult... But getting the textures, materials, and lighting was the most challenging part.
#b3d   #3dmodel   #kitchen   #kitchenmodel  
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+Brian Fields I'm slowly building up a library of textures, materials, and models... Slowly. Thanks for the tips, I will check them out.
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Hanging Glass Sculpture
New work for installation projects we have been working on.

I put together a video about this sculpture to help show the size and making the glass forms. -

Or see the post and video on my website -

#glasssculpture     #installationart     #installation     #glassart   
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+Emily Williams Thank you!  I'm most likely not going to Chicago... But maybe we'll meet at another time. Have fun in Chicago!
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Bernard Katz

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Here's a face-palm moment for today...
This is what happens when you hire a janitor/art critic... ;)

via newly circled friend +David Cant  
Cleaner throws out contemporary artwork by accident

Details -

#art #paintings #artists 
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+Katie Katz This will be my new excuse for not cleaning something - "I didn't take out the garbage because I thought it might be art."
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Bernard Katz

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Technology and Art
You pretty much have to watch the video to appreciate the delicate detail in the marriage of machine and art...

h/t - +Katie Katz  
Mesmerizing Metallic Flower Sculpture Open & Closes
Amazing 17 feet tall, with flowers that open and close.

Be sure to see more images and video of this art installation.

#installation #sculpture #art  
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so beautiful to look at thank you for sharing +Bernard Katz 
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Bernard Katz

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Wes Hunting Glass Studio - interview
+Katie Katz interviews glass artist - Wes Hunting. A good friend who has been working with glass for 37 years. His work ranges from vessels to very interesting sculpture... Check out his website to see more of Wes's work! -
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 works fine. Great strides in creativity
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Bernard Katz

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This was a nice post written about us in Aspiring Home.
Bernard Katz Glass - Aspiring Home
Very nice post written about our hand blown glass

"The technology that is created from the human brain is extraordinary, but when an artist shapes ideas into beautiful art with their own hands is no less remarkable. Bernard Katz is an American artist and sculptor who specializes in glassblowing. His single pieces and collections will be sure to stand out and add exclusiveness to your home decor."
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Primary colors lovely work!
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Most important glassblowing tool
'Jacks' are probably the most important hand tool for glass blowing. The best 'jacks' are hand made forged steel. Carlo Dona in Murano, Italy makes some of the best glass tools available today. This cool video shows a pair of jacks being made.

Here is also quick video of me using 'Jacks' while blowing glass - .
#glassblowing    #tools  
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+Andrew Boatman I have some of their tools. However, most of my jacks are Dino, so I haven't personally used Carlo Dona jacks... But the video is pretty cool if you like seeing how stuff is made. 
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If I ever have a company jet...

I created this 3d model of an airplane with my own little twist with the help from another great tutorial from +Andrew Price . Andrew Price puts together some of the best Blender tutorials, 3d modeling information, and tips.

 His tutorials generally aren't geared towards the 'absolute' beginner, but are extremely helpful for someone with some Blender or modeling experience. If you have a growing interest in 3d modeling, you'll probably be visiting his website at sometime. -

#blender3d   #blender   #3dmodeling  
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+Scott Warren I'm glad you found this helpful!
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Contemporary art glass sculpture and designer
  • Bernard Katz Glass: creating hand-blown contemporary art glass sculpture for galleries, art consultants, and private collections worldwide
    Glass Artist, Designer, Sculptor, present
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Contemporary art glass sculpture and designer, but mostly a creative problem solver
About me

I am a professional artist, glass blower, and sculptor. I have been creating hand blown glass and glass sculpture almost for 20 years. As the owner of a glass studio and business, I wear many hats and consider myself more of a "creative problem solver".
My creative energy doesn't stop at the physical objects I make. My interest in technology, electronics, physical computing, 3D modeling squeeze their way into my world.

I have a very eclectic mix of interests including art, music, science, business topics, and of course humor is always welcome in my stream.

I enjoy G+ because it is the best place to meet and engage with extraordinary people all over the world.

With my wide range of interests, I have many kinds of circles. It is helpful to me to know a person's interest so I know which "circle" to include them in. If your "about" page is blank with little information, I have no idea which of my circles to include you in.

"Engagement" on G+ is key for me... If you engage with me , I will engage with you. I don't expect someone to always agree with me and I am not easily offended... So don't be shy, I won't bite :)

Side note - Does anyone else ever have the lyrics in their head from the Pina Colada Song by Rupert Homes when filling out the 'about' section??  

*To find out a little more about me and what I do, visit my website - or blog.

  • Tyler School of Art
    Glass, 1985 - 1989
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