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Bernard Katz
Works at Bernard Katz Glass: creating hand-blown contemporary art glass sculpture for galleries, art consultants, and private collections worldwide
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Hanging glass sculpture

From an interesting angle, +Katie Katz did a great job capturing this photo of our hanging glass sculpture in a tea color... Work in progress.

#glasssculpture   #blownglass   #sculpture   #hangingart  
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thank you +Brian Fields +Bernard Katz 
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Bernard Katz

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If I had to pick a favorite Led Zeppelin song... 
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+Bernard Katz thanks for deep purple. I love that band. They just
Re-released ?! Now What. Two CD's with some never before released songs. It's fantastic. Thanks again.
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Magic Monday
A fun and simple magic trick! 

After watching this video, I made the stick and practiced the moves for awhile... I was surprised how well it worked fooling my family and friends!

#magicmonday   #magictrick  
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busted... hahahahaha
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+Katie Katz and I are looking forward to being featured on today's Google+ Business Spotlight!

Be sure to check it out if you can!
Google+ Business Spotlight (4/30/2014)
This week’s guest on Google+ Business Spotlight is one of the only companies we’ve had on the show that actually makes something you can hold in your hands. But don’t drop it!

+Bernard Katz and +Katie Katz  of Philadelphia-based +Bernard Katz Glass  have built themselves a solid reputation here on Google+ and other areas of digital marketing. Their industry (glass blowing) is fragmented across the entire world, yet relies on in-person events and traditional marketing channels to grow.

In our discussion, we are going to show you how Bernard and Katie have taken charge of bringing their industry closer together by interacting with them online. If you are in the brick and mortar world of business, this will be insightful and useful to you.

Help us get the word out about this show to other brick and mortar businesses using the hashtag #gplusspotlight  

Blog post:

Pin it:

Remember to join our email list at to stay up to date on all the current and upcoming guests for our show, plus some Google+ insights from co-hosts +Ben Fisher and +Stephan Hovnanian 

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by GPLUSSPOTLIGHT. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Google+ Business Spotlight - Bernard Katz Glass
Wed, April 30, 12:30 PM
Hangouts On Air

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you guys were fantastic, thank you so much!
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I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated by 'dioramas' in museums
I photographed this one showing old time factory glassblowers at the Corning Museum of Glass.

I have a weird photo collection of dioramas I took over the years... Those darn Dioramas would be much easier for me to photograph if they weren't always behind glass... 

#diorama   #glassblowing  
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silent work
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Bernard Katz

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A Miami, Florida gallery sent us this photo... :)
Front and Center
Yellow Gold Trans Bolinas Sculpture
Hand blown glass by +Bernard Katz Glass
Aldo Castillo Galllery, Miramar Design Center

#sculpture #artglass #yellowglass  
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Aha! Lovely work. Thanks for the assist!
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Bernard Katz

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Aurora glass forms
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Thanks +Brian Fields and +Susan Gabriel !
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Bernard Katz

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Glass "murrine" by artist Loren Stump. $12,000 per slice.

This is probably the most impressive example of glass 'murrini' I have ever seen. Inspired by a Leonardo da Vinci painting, Loren Stump re-created the painting in the form of a glass murrine.

Traditionally, murrine is made by layering colored glass and pulling it into long rods. When the glass rods are cut, the cross-section reveals the image.

Simple patterns are usually the most common use of this technique in glass making... But this work by Loren Stump is on a whole other level in skill and technique. About ten slices of this glass murrine exist. Via-
#glassart   #glass  
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I have always been a big fan of 'interactive art installations' 

h/t - +Alicia Rose for sharing this post.
We are loving 'Parade', an interactive art installation by ceramacist Laurent Craste & digital agency Dpt. for the Chromatic festival in Montreal. 
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19th-century Wooden Lampworking Table
This Blaschka-Era glass lampworking table uses foot-operated bellows to push air across an open alcohol flame.

Modern glass lampworking or 'flameworking'  torches use compressed oxygen and gas cylinders... Far easier to work with.

Read more about how the Corning Museum of Glass unearthed this early lampworking device -

To learn more about 'Types of Glass Art' -

#lampwork   #flameworking   #glass  
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Bernard Katz

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Some things aren't planned... At first
We have daffodil flowers that bloom for only about a week every year. When my daughter was about four months old, we took photos of her with the daffodils.

The following year when the daffodils bloomed, we were reminded of the first time seeing our daughter holding the flower... And decided to capture that moment again.

Nine years later, we managed to capture her during the brief daffodil bloom... Some years she was a willing participant, some years not so much.

Originally unplanned, this moment in time has become important... Even to our daughter. 
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Bernard Katz

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I've seen a lot chandeliers, but not many like this
Looks like an exploding dinner service for eight, or maybe six...

This floated through my stream via +decor light 
На память о соре сделали люстру )
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Contemporary art glass sculpture and designer
  • Bernard Katz Glass: creating hand-blown contemporary art glass sculpture for galleries, art consultants, and private collections worldwide
    Glass Artist, Designer, Sculptor, present
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Contemporary art glass sculpture and designer, but mostly a creative problem solver
About me

I am a professional artist, glass blower, and sculptor. I have been creating hand blown glass and glass sculpture almost for 20 years. As the owner of a glass studio and business, I wear many hats and consider myself more of a "creative problem solver".
My creative energy doesn't stop at the physical objects I make. My interest in technology, electronics, physical computing, 3D modeling squeeze their way into my world.

I have a very eclectic mix of interests including art, music, science, business topics, and of course humor is always welcome in my stream.

I enjoy G+ because it is the best place to meet and engage with extraordinary people all over the world.

With my wide range of interests, I have many kinds of circles. It is helpful to me to know a person's interest so I know which "circle" to include them in. If your "about" page is blank with little information, I have no idea which of my circles to include you in.

"Engagement" on G+ is key for me... If you engage with me , I will engage with you. I don't expect someone to always agree with me and I am not easily offended... So don't be shy, I won't bite :)

Side note - Does anyone else ever have the lyrics in their head from the Pina Colada Song by Rupert Homes when filling out the 'about' section??  

*To find out a little more about me and what I do, visit my website - or blog.

  • Tyler School of Art
    Glass, 1985 - 1989
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Very good authentic fresh Italian food! The service was great! The prices are great for the quality of the food. This place is quickly becoming one of our favorites. We went for my wife's birthday and they made the night even more enjoyable for our family. It is a BYOB, which is fine because I can bring my own favorite wine. After eating here a few times, I have no problem recommending Pizzeria Dimeo's.
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Fast delivery, hot and quite tasty, nice people!
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