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Bernard Katz
Works at Bernard Katz Glass: creating hand-blown contemporary art glass sculpture for galleries, art consultants, and private collections worldwide
Attended Tyler School of Art
Lives in Philadelphia, PA
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Bernard Katz

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I have never made a giant glass chandelier... But seeing how it is done is interesting.

#chandelier   #moltenglass   #glass  
The Science Channel takes a trip to Baccarat crystal studio to watch molten glass transform into a beautiful crystal chandelier.
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Your style is more Chihuly anyway +Bernard Katz 
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Bernard Katz

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"Wow, it's bigger than I expected!" I hear people say this all the time... 

Why is the perception of an object's size often different from the object's 'actual' size? My recent post has some thoughts and tips to better visualize the actual size of an object... Because size does matter.

#glassart   #sculpture   #size   #sizeperception  
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+Brian Fields Agreed, presenting scale for one's own work is especially hard, because you may assume everyone is going to see what you see in terms of scale.

I remember seeing tons of photos of giant redwood trees and knowing that they were about two hundred feet tall... But the first time I saw a giant redwood tree in person, I was blown away by the size!
I took lots of "you-had-to-be-there" photos of the trees... The feel of the actual scale was just impossible to capture in a 4"x 6" photo.
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Bernard Katz

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Movie themed pop corn birthday cake
My daughter wanted a movie themed birthday cake. I don't bake very often, and have never made fondant icing before... This was my noble effort. Making mini marsh mellows look like popcorn took forever... So this will probably be my first and last pop corn cake.
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+Donna Triska Thank you!
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I'm finally starting to get the material set-up closer to the look of my actual frosted glass sculptures. I used actual glass pieces for reference.

I also made a side-by-side comparison test image of the real glass blue piece and the 3d model version, which I can post if anyone is interested in seeing how it looks next to the real thing.
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Bernard Katz

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CODA Video Awards 2014 Top 100
We need your vote G+'ers

Our video for our Art Glass Wall Sculpture project has been selected as a finalist for the CODAworx 2014 Video Awards!

The finalists with the most votes receive People's Choice Awards.

Winners from the jury and People's Choice Awards will be featured on the Huffington Post and at SOFA Chicago Show.

Any shares, re-shares, plus ones, tweets, and likes count as a vote!

You can see our Video Project here:

To see our competition's entries in the 'Process' category:

#glassart   #artinstallation   #awards  
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Bernard Katz

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Hanging glass sculpture

From an interesting angle, +Katie Katz did a great job capturing this photo of our hanging glass sculpture in a tea color... Work in progress.

#glasssculpture   #blownglass   #sculpture   #hangingart  
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thank you +Brian Fields +Bernard Katz 
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Bernard Katz

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Beach Horizon Glass Art Sculpture
This new sculpture represents an abstract 'nod' to the dance between the beach and the ocean...

#glassart   #glasssculpture   #sculpture   #art   #glass  
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+james kalin Thanks again! Ya, some days it's easy, and some days I'm ripping my hair out trying to get it to come together.
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Bernard Katz

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My first attempt at making background music
In my past videos, I would purchase 'licence rights' or try to find some hokey, lame free music... And at times, I still had issues with YouTube flagging me for 'copyright' stuff.

So, I decided to breakout my crappy guitar and crappy old computer mic and make my own hokey, lame background music for this video of some new glass sculpture.

For more photos of this sculpture:

Bernard Katz

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We just finished working on a custom glass sculpture installation project for a residential client.This photo was one of our ideas we proposed.

The dimensions are: 57" wide x 21" high x 13" deep
  #glasssculpture   #glassinstallation   #glassart   #artinstallation  
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Not anymore anyway ;-)
Maybe they'd make it the daily doodle on your birthday!
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+Brian Fields this was a test render and comparison to the real glass piece. On this particular render, I have a white plane behind the model to reflect light into the glass... This is a similar trick I would use while photographing  my actual glass work.
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+nGon- +Erich Toven Thanks, I agree the top left corner in this render has some problems. There were some issues caused by the solidify mod... I had to rework the geometry a bit to fix it. The earlier post below has the better version of the model.
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Bernard Katz

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Glass Blowing Truck
A friend of mine, Kalen Erion, built a mobile glass blowing truck. I stopped by to help test it out on its maiden run... Pretty impressive!

It took Kalen about 4 years to finish it... Well, these type of things are never really finished. Anyway, he has more photos of the truck being built on his Facebook page -

#glassblowing   #truck  
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Bernard Katz

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Designer Insights
Thank you +Terry's Blinds for our recent feature in Designer Insights!

The Designer Insights series provides a quick view into a designer’s world. Many top designers have been highlighted in this series.

To read more -
#interiordesign   #artglass     #artinstallation   #sculpture  
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Contemporary art glass sculpture and designer
  • Bernard Katz Glass: creating hand-blown contemporary art glass sculpture for galleries, art consultants, and private collections worldwide
    Glass Artist, Designer, Sculptor, present
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Contemporary art glass sculpture and designer, but mostly a creative problem solver
About me

I am a professional artist, glass blower, and sculptor. I have been creating hand blown glass and glass sculpture almost for 20 years. As the owner of a glass studio and business, I wear many hats and consider myself more of a "creative problem solver".
My creative energy doesn't stop at the physical objects I make. My interest in technology, electronics, physical computing, 3D modeling squeeze their way into my world.

I have a very eclectic mix of interests including art, music, science, business topics, and of course humor is always welcome in my stream.

I enjoy G+ because it is the best place to meet and engage with extraordinary people all over the world.

With my wide range of interests, I have many kinds of circles. It is helpful to me to know a person's interest so I know which "circle" to include them in. If your "about" page is blank with little information, I have no idea which of my circles to include you in.

"Engagement" on G+ is key for me... If you engage with me , I will engage with you. I don't expect someone to always agree with me and I am not easily offended... So don't be shy, I won't bite :)

Side note - Does anyone else ever have the lyrics in their head from the Pina Colada Song by Rupert Homes when filling out the 'about' section??  

*To find out a little more about me and what I do, visit my website - or blog.

  • Tyler School of Art
    Glass, 1985 - 1989
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