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Stephen Dragonspawn
Really old Gaymer & RPGer, LOTR and Thor Fan
Really old Gaymer & RPGer, LOTR and Thor Fan

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Here is my latest blog post:

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ORDER versus CHAOS! Keeping your Campaign organized.
of information in this blog post is subject to changes and may have
been altered by their respective owners once this blog has been posted) When
my friend and co-host, Jaime Pierson of the RPG Brewery, asked me to
run a story ark for our podcast's Act...
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Here's a gaming mat I quickly created for keeping track of Initiative and Story points during your Terrinoth games (inspired by my friend Jaime's Genesys mat).

Simply place whatever tokens you use for story points in the appropriate box and flip then to the other when ''spent''. As for Initiative; place token of one color for the players, and another color for the NPCs, slide each token out once that character has taken their action. At the end of the turn, simply slide all of them back in the whited out area.

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Happy Hour - the Day after the Con.
Discord Channel, 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific (and 7 or 8 somewhere in between)

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A few pictures of my sister, Stephanie Drag-Queen-Spawn, crashing the Con on the Saturday night. She's older than me by 69 seconds.
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I want you to join my group on MeWe:

We've all read the news that G+ will be no more by August 2019. So I have created this Terrinoth group to continue the sharing of news and ideas of this setting on MeWe.

+Jason Connerley Hey Jason. How are you doing? We haven’t heard from you in a while and were wondering if you’re okay. Eric told me you may be having some health problems.

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Tonight at 10PM Eastern / 7PM Pacific. Tonight we talk with Tony and Chris from Finding the Narrative, about ''can Genesys do Investigative Horror?'' We need to convince Jaime it can.
#therpgbrewery #genesys
Live channel:
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