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Spielberg... you insensitive jerk...why did you kill that triceratops!

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All 16 saves by Tim Howard against Belgium in one animated GIF.

#USA   #WorldCup   #Soccer   #USMNT   #TimHoward  
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In fact, the 9 free photography apps give you 100 coins each... to which you use to buy GFA, getting you another 2000 coins... For free!

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+Ann Gibbons , you might have a particular interest in this one...

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Verizon's latest move to try to establish the lead as "worst company with the most power". At least until the Comcast-Time Warner merger.

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I may never look at another meme the same way...

If I wanted to upgrade or add services to my Comcast account...I would have an agent ready to take care of that for me, or heck... even be able to do that online.

But since I'm just trying to get information about my options to downgrade service... nobody is able to take my call, and there ZERO information available online.



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