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Day 13-Last full day in London
Today was a sad one to wake up to knowing it was our last full day here. We started the day off getting ready and heading to the apartment courtyard at 9am for our visit to Edelman PR in London. We took the tube and spent about two hours in a meeting and to...

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Day 12-USA vs. Portugal
Yesterday I spent the day at the apartment finishing up my last assignment and packing a few things before going back home. Around 5pm or so, everyone was at the apartment so we all started getting ready for the USA vs. Portugal game even though it was at 1...

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Day 11-Day trip to Paris!!!!
Yesterday was probably one of the best days of my life so far. I wasn't able to post because right when I got back I fell asleep thanks to such a long and amazing day. I woke up around 3am on Saturday morning to pack a few things and get ready for our trip ...

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Day 10-Visit to Xinhua
Today I woke up at around 11am and got ready for our visit to Xinhua at 3pm. We all left the apartment at around 1:30pm and headed on the tube to meet with the rest of the group and our professors at a tube stop that we had never been to before. We got a li...

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Day 9-Day at the apartment
Yesterday was a much needed rest day for me. I never thought walking around so much would tire me out but I spent yesterday waking up late and working all day to get ahead on some assignments. I was able to just hang out by myself in the apartment and work ...
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