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Laura Phillips

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It's been a while, but here's a blog, because Matt Walsh is awful.

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It's been a while... too long... since writing.  I'll blame the usual suspects of life and work, laundry and the dog.  There is plenty to write about, but how often am I simply adding my voice to the millions that have already said the same thing?  And by t...

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Feeling good and Sally came with me again!

Laura just finished a Runtastic run of 3.28 mi in 45m 01s

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A third (and possibly better) way...
Last night, like many, I watched a debate between Bill Nye and Ken
Ham.    (Before we go any
further, isn't it fun that “Bill Nye the Science Guy” from our childhood
Saturday mornings remains a part of our adult lives?   J   )    You
probably know Bill Nye;...

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Lord Teach Us to Pray - Worship on 7/21 at OPCC
“When Jesus responded to the request of his
followers that he teach them how to pray, what he taught them became important
– and has remained important – for the life of the church.  He gave them – and us – words to address God,
words to praise God, and, on...
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