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Husband. Musician. Geek. Foodie. Editor of
Husband. Musician. Geek. Foodie. Editor of

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My apologies if this question has been answered here at some point already, but my searches have thus far been fruitless: Does anyone know if there is an API out there for DW monsters?

I'm familiar with the DW Codex—that's not exactly what I'm looking for. Specifically, I'd like to find a third-party API that I can wrap a webapp around.

If it doesn't already exist, I'd definitely like to look into making one for other folks like me who'd like to have access to something like that, but in this particular case it's for a project that specifically requires a third-party API.

Thanks in advance!

Alright everybody, I've got a bit of a multi-part question for you:

1) What software/web solutions, if any, do you use to organize and manage your games and campaigns?

2) What features would you like to see in a Dungeon World Campaign Manager application?

I'm currently enrolled in a degree program for development and programming, and decided to proof-of-concept a DW campaign manager tool for myself. It is super bare-bones at the moment and I was wondering what kind of features and functions might be useful to GMs other than myself.

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Full of confidence and eager for a challenge, the Fool comes upon a young maiden, locked in combat with a ferocious lion. This is my chance! he thinks, and leaps into the fray, just as the maiden calmly wraps her hands around the lion’s gaping jaws. The…

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Full of newfound confidence, the Fool continues along his path. He approaches a crossroads and sees the sign pointing the way he had intended to go, but along the other path, he sees a woman. Immediately, our Fool knows in his heart that this woman is…

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I've been lurking this Community for a little while now, and I'd like to spread the word about my new(ish) blog, Cups & Coins. Original artwork, discussion, and analyses of the Tarot as a tool for divination and spirituality. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

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Another long break since last time. I’m working on a posting schedule to keep things a little more consistent around here, so hopefully I’ll be able to go no more than a week between posts. Truth be told, I’ve been feeling a little out of it with regard….

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This is so freaking cool. So cool.
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