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Got the black version of the Bellus today. I have dark glass coming from fasttech eventually. 
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+Jed Lamagdelaine Not in TC mode 😉. I do have to thin the wicks quite a bit to get a good warm vape though. 
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iStick and mini nautilus combo. 9 watts seems to be the sweet spot. My only issue is drooling out of my mouth when I exhale. That never happened with analogs for sure! 
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Same small gripes I have and some good info. Move the 510 back a little so 22mm attys don't hang off, make the 510 spring loaded, and change it from mean output to RMS. The last one is the kinda stuff you'll only find in a pbusardo video but good to know! What I take from it is, as awesome as the iStick is, imagine an improved version at the same price point!
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Richard Smith

Artwork + Memes  - 
Well I thought I would do something for this #ingresswear thing, but I haven't a sliver of artistic talent nor reliable access to a computer. I do have my phone and for 90% of what I need to do it works well, which is why I don't have a computer.
What I downloaded from the contest website looks like something for photoshop which I obviously don't have and don't know how to use. I was frustrated and like I've done before I decided to take my frustration out in a meme. I'll make a snarky meme and put it on a picture of a shirt!
I already had meme generator installed on my phone and started to browse. Should I use "bad luck Brian" but have him choose enlightened? Nah, I have nothing personal against the frogs, I only hate them because they're the enemy.
Then I found this picture of a lonely dog, and I figure that dogs would be a big fan of Ingress since it could mean more walks for them. I also bet some agents don't think to include their dogs in their Ingress activities, and it's the worst mistake you could make. Who else would think it's the best thing ever to follow you around for no apparent reason at all? Who else doesn't care what you're doing, or how long you're out for, as long as they can hang with you?
So anyway that's what I did. It's not snarky, which is an original use of meme generator for me. It's also not pasted over a picture of a shirt because I'm not sure if can do that with a phone, so I'm not entering it into the contest. I'll just wait and hack my capsule.
If someone wants to steal it and paste it on a shirt pic, then enter it, that's fine with me. Teamwork shouldn't stop within the scanner app. I would have liked to put the Ingress logo in lower left corner, but once again in limited by my phone, or knowledge thereof.
It would make a really nice recruiting poster though. 
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I think its cool. You're right. Dogs are that way. As long as I get to hang with my human. My Doxies are that way. I've taken them out before. 
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The +Ingress store should be selling resonator Christmas tree ornaments. In packs of 8. Do I have to think of everything? :-P 
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Ahahahaha, you are a genius!! I want it too!! Ahahaha XD
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Recycling ultra strikes gives XM now? How long was I asleep? 
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Bwahahahaaah! +Bladedassassains Minion What is an ultra strike?

ROFL... They are a joke. An experiment to see if they could get people to buy a product with something game related and exclusive.

It was a Fail. 
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Richard Smith

Shared publicly  - 
Oh +A Detection Algorithm​... 
Machine is asked to define morality, gets annoyed when it can't.
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Well we are a community that shares info about vaping from noon to advanced. Yes there are pics and vids like you mention that us part if the life . We have a great place with great people we screen potential see if a good fit if you think you wo @vapeonuld Luke to see o.k. lmk if you do just follow cfuidelunes.if you don't like its your call
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I sure wish I knew what I was vaping right now. Between tiny samples I mix nic into and reused bottles I'll likely never see this mix again. It's very likely my G men sample, my jungle juice sample, hawk sauce (because everything involves hawk sauce for me), and possibly some butterscotch but I'm not sure. It's like a shooting star, brilliant and short lived and will never be seen again. +Mt Baker Vapor​
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Lol, that is so true. Happens to me all the time. I have a few banana custard I mixed with waay to much banana, so I just randomly topped it up with rhubarb custard that I found to sour. Its realy great, but I have no idea og the ratio :) done that with other juices many times. But realy I like it that way. Then vaping is newer the same, and sometimes rarely its magically wonderful :D
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I'm a bit concerned about this silica scare. I'm planning to shelve my nautilus mini soon and move to a RTA instead. I want good airflow, non plastic tank, and easy to build on since I've never done it. 3ml capacity but or less since I don't want it to look silly on my istick. Right now I'm leaning toward a fogger 4 but posting here for suggestions. Thanks!
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Good to know there is no silica in the coils. It does show that you can't be sure of what's in a product unless you make it yourself though. So now I have the Lemo drop and the orchid as alternatives to the fogger 4. Awesome! 
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So excited about today's #vapemail. I got the eleaf iStick as an upgrade to my itazte vv. More power and a bigger battery with a shorter length. I bought it to pair up with my mini nautilus and it does a wonderful job. Now I can throw it in my pocket with a bottle juice and be good for the day. 
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Richard Smith

Questions  - 
I am new to this but have been researching like mad. Been vaping a week with an cheap stick battery and a mini protank 3. I have another mpt3 and a iTaste VV on order, as well as some sub ohm coils for the mpt3.
I'm looking for a box mod like the iTaste VTR, but downsized. Pocketability with a light weight is important to me and I don't care for the clearomizer sticking atop of most box mods.
I've seen a few contenders using Google image search, but I'm looking for suggestions. 
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Vape mail is here and the VV fires the sub ohm kanger coil very well. Running it all the way down on 6 watts. Happy camper! 
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Doing OK here! #IngressCells 
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That's based on activity, right? The Disaster likes to roll thru and undo things. (Ok, that IS a valid playstyle) I see his stuff in my area as well... and I get a little smile every time I take out one of his portals tucked away in a small town that doesn't show on the map. :)
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Who would I contact with a problem that does not seem to be related to the scanner app?
A couple of days ago we were using ada/jarvis to level up a portal. One of the ada deployments failed and now says the portal is already aligned, when it's clearly still enlightened. In addition he can't drop an ada for someone else to use because it says the item doesn't exist.
Tried clearing cache and resyncing, clearing data, reinstalling. His replacement device came in and the problem is still there so it's not a device problem either.
It seems like the cloud based inventory got messed up to me and I don't know how to get it fixed. 
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Maybe it is a client bug then. I wish I could downgrade to check. 
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Good diner "greasy spoon" food at good prices. The last time I tried to order takeout I was told they no longer take phone orders and I had to do it online, but the online client they used would not let me complete an order so I had to order there and wait. It was a small inconvenience but they should allow phone orders until the online system is better.
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I went for breakfast and the quality and quantity of food was fine. My only complaint is there were some specials listed on the menu, some on the table tents, and some on a board in the dining room. Had I found all of the specials before ordering I could have lowered my bill. As a result I ordered of the regular menu and it was a little expensive.
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If you live within 70 miles of this place and you've never been, then you aren't doing it right.
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