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Todd Anderson
I make things for the web, mobile, desktop and land.
I make things for the web, mobile, desktop and land.


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Been excited about discussing how I use CucumberJS to deliver BDD code from the outside-in:

Started here,, with several follow up articles which led to my actual development of a CLI tool to generates a bundled browser-based testrunner for CucumberJS specs:

Run against the defined format options, specs can be run on any number of target browsers using 3rd party services, such as testling, testem and saucelabs.

First article addressing its use with testing:

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[Blog] The Making of a Test-Driven Grocery List Application in JavaScript: Part IV

In which I intend to refactor out responsibilities of the list-controller to instances of a list-item-controller...

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active day on github today.

started a project to collect the custom python tasks i have been actively creating for web development & deployment:

and also ran into some trouble (non-suitable solutions) for overflow scrolling on mobile devices and started some work there as well:

Hope they can bring some help and criticism.

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Though my initial thought of JSDev from +Douglas Crockford was that it may bring unnecessary clutter to source files, after taking a look at JSCheck, perhaps it is the closest way to TDD-like-you-mean-it throughout the life of project. It enforces any refactoring to update in-line and not in two places - ie, tests and source.

Something to look into.

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I have been evaluating some micro-libraries as of late in order to free dependence on larger "suite" libraries that I only use portions of. With my intent as of late for modularized development, I thought it would help in evaluating different libraries by developing applications against a specific API and adapting libraries to modularized facades - this way I can easily switch the dependency without having to touch the core application code.

I then strung a bunch of words together and this came out:

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I wrote me a little typographic gear wheel generator. Here's a first result:
Typographic Gears (8 photos)
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