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Sean McGinnis
Executive Vice President Marketing at Clearlink
Executive Vice President Marketing at Clearlink

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Intersting data on G+ usage and signups.
+Google+ now has more than 2 BILLION accounts !! In a little over 3 years, 1207 days to be precise, the number of personal profiles and pages has increased at a meteoric growth rate of approximately 1,658,625 new users/pages per day!

I've been calculating the growth rate of G+ for some time now at a website that I myself host and if you would like to plug this data into another application, you can access the raw data (as JSON feeds) from and

To just say +Google+ is just about numbers would definitely be doing it a disservice. In the 3+ years I've been here, I've made tons of friends, shared countless stories/photographs, and had interactions with a very diverse group of people... and to that I say, "Here's to the next 2 Billion users!"

+François Beaufort +Denis Labelle 

#theresnosuchthing as being FORCED to have a Google+/- account.

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We've filled 3 of our paid search positions pretty quickly. Exciting time to be building an internal paid search team. If you're interested ina  job change this new year, here's a link to some junior positions (looking for 1-3 years of paid experience). I have 4 roles open and available right now.

#ppc   #chicago   #sem   #paidsearch  

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I am hiring a significant number of paid search experts in Chicago over the coming weeks and months. If you know any good people, this is a tremendous opportunity to get in on the ground floor. 

There are three different roles I'm hiring:

Manager Role (3 available – report to director) - 
Specialist Role (6 available – report to managers) - 
Analyst Role (2 available - multiple business units and report to director) - 

Please share with your network if you know any good peeps in Chicago. Thanks!

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Seems so long ago now...
Yahoo! Once The Most Important Search Engine Closing

Was really quite surprised to see Yahoo! is closing the Yahoo! Directory, especially since Yahoo! began with the Yahoo! Directory and it was once considered the most important search engine of it's time. That was till Google came along, but even then & up until not long ago, being in the Yahoo! Directory was still a coveted place to be for SEO.

To me it represents an important end to an era of manually sorted information, not unlike what we're seeing with Google's Knowledge Graph being overtaken by the algorithmically sorted Knowledge Vault.

The Yahoo Directory — Once The Internet’s Most Important Search Engine — Is To Close by Danny Sullivan

Once the Google of its time, the Yahoo Directory is finally coming to the end of its slow death.

For some, it may seem like there has always been Google, and it’s always been the main way people have found things on the web. But before Google, there was the Yahoo Directory and its hand-compiled list of websites, organized into topics. Now, the venerable Yahoo Directory is closing.

Yahoo shared the news today, a short paragraph that’s part of announcing two other closures, under a headline of “Progress Report: Continued Product Focus.” That sure fails to give the Yahoo Directory its proper due. From Yahoo’s post:

"Yahoo was started nearly 20 years ago as a directory of websites that helped users explore the Internet. While we are still committed to connecting users with the information they’re passionate about, our business has evolved and at the end of 2014 (December 31), we will retire the Yahoo Directory. Advertisers will be upgraded to a new service; more details to be communicated directly."

Yahoo! Directory obituary

The following image I have taken from the Yahoo! Directory's popular format, as seen in 1999.

#SEO #YahooDirectory #TechNews  

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I'm hiring a Content Marketing Manager in Austin to lead a team of 4 Content Marketers (2 will be focused on Youtube).

If you know anyone who would be a good fit, please have them get in touch with me directly via email ( or phone (224.245.8969).

The profile I am looking for is an experienced manager and marketer who will govern the process, edit the team's work, define the content road map and editorial calendar and be a non-nonsense go-getter.

Sears PartsDirect is a dynamic, higher performing e-commerce business that is rapidly growing. In my opinion, it's the coolest business inside all of Sears.

This position reports directly to me and must be based in Austin (not remote or virtual).
Please share across your network if you are so inclined.

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Chris Haden was a dream to work with. Another site delivered on time and on budget. 
Very proud of the work our team did on this new Injury Attorney web site. Looking forward to helping attorney Haden build his practice online.

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Chicago Skyline Photography - Chicago Skyline & River Reflection
Words may show a person's wit but actions their meaning. Benjamin Franklin
For More Images and Prints Check the New Site:

Heading downtown tonight. Have a great rest of your weekend. There’s more in my gallery too! 

#Chicago   #Sunrise    #Bluehour     #Nikon   #HDR  #QuoteoftheDay #quote #ChicagoPhotography #Photography #riverscapephotography   #skylinephotography  

 #hqspnight  +HQSP Night curated by+Dirk Müller  +Anja Wessels

#hqsparchitecture +HQSP Architecture curated by +Andrew Prokos

#BTPArchitecturePro  +BTP Architecture Pro +Aamir Shahzad +Best Top Photographer Group

I'm adding to a world-class PPC team. If you're in #Chicago  or the surrounding suburbs and looking to make a move, get in touch with me directly here or on Twitter (@SeanMcGinnis). 

Great opportunity to join a top performing paid search team at a Fortune 100 company that is growing.

I'm adding to a world-class PPC team. If you're in #Chicago  or the surrounding suburbs and looking to make a move, get in touch with me directly here or on Twitter (@SeanMcGinnis). 

Great opportunity to join a top performing paid search team at a Fortune 100 company that is growing.
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