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#UOSM2008 Digital Portfolio - Summary
Before UOSM2008 I was already using social media. However, as it turned
out, this use had little or no benefit to my future career. I’ve never blogged,
had only ~10 tweets, my Facebook profile was for social life only and the
LinkedIn was far from perfect. ...

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#UOSM2008 Reflective Summary: Topic 5
Picture source:   So, it is time for a summary and will be honest, this time I was
quite hesitating on my decision. I haven’t even provided a small summary at the
end of my main post this week, as I usually do. However, t...

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#UOSM2008 Topic 5: Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Access to Online Materials
Picture source : Note : This post covers only the
research archives as an example of content provider (because of the word limit).
However, most of the pros and cons mentioned can be applied to other media
types as well. We, st...

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What is it about
After the experience
with the first blog post (not an exercise related one), I have decided to write
a second one and this time the trigger to the topic was another classmate’s
post, Kimberly Fenton’s. As you might understand from the heading I’m writing

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"Sign Up or Connect with Facebook"
One of our classmates’, Tim Hodgkins’, comment on my first blog post
have triggered me to write this post. In his comment, Tim has mentioned that by
using one online profile you can not only use it within one social media, but
also use it to sign up for dif...

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So, before we jump into Easter Holidays, it is time to
summarise the fourth topic of the term: “Ethical issues raised by
educational and business uses of social media”. I will be honest and say that
at first read I didn’t understand what the topic was, howe...

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#UOSM Ethical issues raised by educational and business uses of social media
“Discuss the ethical issues
raised by educational and business uses of social media” By the end of the year 2013,
almost 40% of the world’s population were online and this number is just keeps
increasing (Kelion, 2013) . Just imagine that
2.8 billion of peo...

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#UOSM2008 Topic 3 - Reflective Summary
So, it is time to summarize on the Topic 3: ways to
develop your professional online profile. Unfortunately, I  wasn't  lucky enough
this time with the number of comments on my post, that’s why the great thanks
to George Chiverton, whose comment I had pleas...

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#UOSM2008:Topic 3 Building your Online Professional Profile
"Discuss the ways in
which an   authentic   online professional profile can be
developed" Picture source: In the modern world, when our everyday life
becomes more and ...
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