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5 sexy hairstyles every guys needs to try
Some hairstyles really look edgy to men. If you want to change your look, you
should really consider these stylish hairdos because you will not  ignore these hairstyles. Whether you want a bolder hairstyle or a classic
cut, our five suggestions will provi...

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Top five things you need to wear this winter
Winter is here and you all know that winter cant be complete without
unique jackets,coats and few winter essentials. .It already winter and
its that time when we get to flaunt our stylish coats and jackets.Winter
is a perfect weather for me.Finding the p...

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Elegant mermaid tattoos that will blow your mind
hey lovelies,  whats up?? It  has been a long time that I have not blogged about anything.i was really busy and i was in tension.rite now i am obsessed with mermaid tattoos i cant wait to ink it.i have researched about mermaid tattoo  cos its so cute.Meanin...

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holiday look
I really had jolly good time at Jhor.nowadays i love loafer and my basic pink tshirt its cute and leave a comment below what you think of this look xoxo ellie ^_^

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Few style lessons from taylor swift
Taylor swift is no question ,one of the fashionable singer.She is known for crooning skills and also her impeccable style.she is a perfect epitome of beauty and grace.This "I knew you were trouble hit maker" has always experimented with style.Taylor on the ...

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dreams about your father
dream has its unique and different meanings.The things that we dream can
mean something in our real life and there are different dreams that we
dreams that we have during our sleep and each dream can mean something
in our real life. The things and ...

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cool heena designs you should try this summer
We all love shrawan.we adore this season  and how can we not forget heena.Heena without shrawan is quite difficult to imagine . Im a huge heena lover andi have decided to write a post about it. I just love making crazy heena designs on my hand  be it winter...

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street style accessories you should sport this summer
Summer is here and you all know that it an outfit is incomplete without  an right accessory. Finding the perfect accessories to complement your outfit can sometimes
be difficult. You’ll want something that’s both fashionable and
practical for everyday use...

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style inspiration from Audrey Hepburn
Audrey hepburn is known for her versatile style and she was deemed to be the most stylish person of her time..Tailored clothes, high-waist pants, head scarves,striped tshirt and little black were the most essential for her.Audrey
Hepburn  became a style re...

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outfit of the day
Hey readers!!! How have you all been?? Ive been really lazy these days.There was a time when I used to blog once in three days but now its like ages.I wore my favorite white shirt and my Gucci print skirt.To complete the look i also wore my nude pumps.I am ...
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