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+Daniel Hurley Thanks! The more news on an October launch, on Verizon, the better! They need to call it the "nexus", not "droid" prime in the article. hahaha Verizon not carrying the GS2 is actually a good thing, puts more pressure on them to bring out the prime sooner to compete with the iPhone 5! I called Verizon last Friday, told them I was pissed they wouldn't have the GS2, and I would switch to another carrier if they didn't have our prime! I told them I wanted a discount also! haha They said they "understood". Yeah right! :D
+Daniel Hurley I just looked at that article again, and realized it says "exclusive" Prime provider. First I've seen that. Even better if they are the only ones, or at least the "first" ones, getting Prime! October can't come soon enough, although I'm not anxious for colder weather. BTW, I hope you survived Irene without any problems!!!
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