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Notes on type combinations by abundance, SuMo
Normal: Normal is the most abundant type, counting at 65 Pokémon. It contains four legendaries, Regigigas, Arceus, Type: Null, Silvally. Water: Water is the second most abundant type, counting at 62 Pokémon. It contains four legendaries, Suicune, Kyogre, Ph...

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Analysis of Types: Chapter 2: Grass-type: Part 3: In-Universe Symbolism and Mythology
So, what is Grass-type's role, really? The Legendaries and Their Role: Admittedly, I didn't research on these guys so much, since there is no mascot legendary that is a Grass-type(Xerneas is arguably a honorary one though) Sprites: Celebi: Celebi's time tra...

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Analysis of Types: Chapter 2: Grass-type: Part 2: The Design Philosophies and Archetypes
So, what are Grass-types, really? The Purpose of the Grass Type: As previously discussed, Grass-types' primary purpose is to become an early-type for cleaning some of the key early types like Water, Rock and Ground, and through its resistances clean Electri...

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Analysis of Types: Chapter 2: Grass-type: Part 1: The Retrospective
So, what is the Grass-type? Grass-type is one of the few unique "inventions" of Pokémon. Representing the Chinese traditional element, the Wood, representing the spring, growth, and the Azure Dragon, the guardian of the East. This element corresponds to the...

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How to improve: 273-274-275: Seedot-Nuzleaf-Shiftry
1.Stats: Should Shiftry get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing? Shiftry is already a fully evolved Pokémon with three stages, so an Evolution is functionally impossible. A stat boost is expected, as Shiftry, alongside its counterpart Ludicol...

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Notes on average stats for types
-Bug: Bug is statistically the worst type, being the worst in total stats, HP, and quite low in other stats. It's highest rankings come from Speed(12th) and Defense(12th), though fully evolved Bug-types tend to be heavily offense oriented(11th). -Poison: Po...

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First stage Pokémon according to their BST
Dual stage bases : 395: Porygon 365: Magby 360: Elekid 345: Rhyhorn 330: Aron 325: Magnemite 320: Oddish Axew Rowlet Popplio Litten 318: Bulbasaur Chikorita Turtwig 314: Squirtle Totodile Piplup Froakie 313: Chespin 310: Abra Gastly Treecko Torchic Mudkip S...

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Middle stages according to BSTs
515: Porygon2 495: Magmar 490: Electabuzz 485: Rhydon 465: Magneton 455: Golbat Dusclops 452: Sliggoo 450: Chansey Piloswine 448: Doublade 440: Vigoroth Klang 430: Lairon 420: Dragonair Shelgon Metang Zweilous Dartrix Torracat Brionne Hakamo-o 418: Pignite ...

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notes on stat retcons
So far, two of the recent generations have buffed stats of existing Pokémon. Gen 6 buffed stats of Pokémon that evolve at third stage by +10, except for Pikachu who got +20. About 29 Pokémon were buffed this way. Gen 7 buffed stats of Pokémon that evolve at...

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Notes on Pokémon graphical updates
Gen I: Monochrome Gen II: Partial color. Day-night cycles. Gen III: Full color Gen IV: Partial 3D.Day-night cycles. Gen V: Partial 3D, fully animated sprites. Seasonal cycles. Gen VI: Grid-based 2.5D Gen VII: Hallway based 3D. Day-night cycles. Presumably t...
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