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...Japanese completely lacks curse words. Japanese people with Tourette’s syndrome blurt out insults and childlike words for genitalia that are generally considered impolite and inappropriate, but not profane.
"... Many brain regions have been found to be responsible for particular functions when they are damaged and their functions are impaired—Phineas Gage’s accidental frontal lobotomy revealed that his severed frontal lobes regulated impulse control and social behavior. Bergen’s favorite model patient suffered from aphasia, or language impairment due to brain damage. This patient was a priest who had a stroke in 1843, after which he could not speak. But oh boy could he curse.

Studies from people with different types of aphasia have delineated different brain regions that regulate different aspects of communication. Wernicke’s area is like a dictionary: it helps us to understand the meanings of the words we hear and to choose the words we want to use in a particular context. People with damage to this area can’t understand language, yet they can pronounce words and assemble sentences—it’s just that the sentences they come up with don’t make any sense. Broca’s area is in charge of producing sounds; people with damage to this area have trouble articulating words and sentences.

But both Wernicke’s aphasics and Broca’s aphasics, and even global aphasics, can swear. These swear words are coming from somewhere else in the brain, not the parts known to be responsible for generating the rest of language.

These foul-mouthed aphasics can only produce their curses in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, not intentionally. This is a type of automatic speech—think of what comes out of your mouth when you stub your toe or forget that your Pyrex pan just came out of the oven so you pick it up with both hands. Automatic speech seems to originate in structures in the right hemisphere of the brain, whereas Wernicke’s and Broca’s areas are on the left.

This information came from another aphasic patient, the converse of the cursing priest, who lost his ability to swear. He sustained damage to his basal ganglia, which is involved in motor control and emotional responses—it's also damaged in people with Tourette’s. Bergen thus suggests that profanity, which we know expresses strong and often fleeting raw emotional states, originates not in the parts of our brains that regulate rational speech, but in the more ancient neural pathways that regulate impulse and emotion.

While that seems like a substantial bit of information, this pop neuroscience takes up all of one chapter. The rest of What the F deals with how bad words came to be and how they impact individuals and society. It’s a quick read, not a detailed, academic dissection. But don’t mistake breeziness for triviality: cursing plays a central role in our lives...."
Linguist Benjamin Bergen’s new book explores the universal appeal of profanity.
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Jordan Henderson

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I am very sorry that you don't feel safe with me +Jordan Henderson  I am genuinely curious, in good faith.
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Jordan Henderson

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'In both cases, solitude was only possible by shunning digital media and the false sense of connectedness it gives us. Solitude instead gave these men space and time to feel the full weight of their sadness, and pass through it into a kind of peace. Both Sullivan and Louis C.K. are grasping at a truth about suffering and solitude that the Catholic writer and monk Thomas Merton plumbed yet deeper in his memoir, “The Seven Storey Mountain.” It chronicles his journey from an aspiring left-wing intellectual in the 1930s to his entry into a Trappist monastery in 1942. Merton wrote:

The truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering, the more you suffer, because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you, in proportion to your fear of being hurt. The one who does most to avoid suffering is, in the end, the one who suffers most: and his suffering comes to him from things so little and so trivial that one can say that it is no longer objective at all. It is his own existence, his own being, that is at once the subject and the source of his pain, and his very existence and consciousness is his greatest torture.'
Smartphones and social media are supposed to connect us. But what happens when we're so constantly connected that we forget how to be alone?
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One thing I believe I have noticed is that "this", for most, is almost exactly "high school".
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Jordan Henderson

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So, let's get this straight.

The whole time the DNC was claiming there was no bias against Bernie and that it was just a Conspiracy Theory, they were expecting the DNC supporters to know that they were lying.
DNC attorneys want class action lawsuit dismissed because it’s unfair to assume all Sanders supporters want to sue them.
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+Phil Nelson Pot calling the rainbow black, I see? When was the last time you read anything said here, I wonder?
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Jordan Henderson

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I hate the abuse of the term "terrorism", but other than that, this is good.

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Jordan Henderson

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Yes it is 😊
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Jordan Henderson

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I posted something about how you couldn't install Linux on Microsoft Signature edition the other day.

Microsoft denies it, but I think the picture is murky and nobody is making sure you can install Linux. There aren't people making sure you can install Linux, that's clear.

Vendor support people are not well versed in Linux. I saw where somebody had a problem with their Dell and Dell support refused to address it because they had installed an Open Source operating system.

Users claim it's a plot to lock out Linux, but Lenovo says it's just a question of hardware support.
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This needs to be addressed across all devices. Cell Phones are becoming heavily locked down, where you can't install a custom Android OS anymore.
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Jordan Henderson

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When was Google's last money making idea that wasn't chasing after a market that already existed? There were even lots of competition in Search in 1998 when they entered.

Granted, they've done a good job at search.

I don't think I'd let Google control my home. I don't really trust them.

Google Home: Meet the product chief Google picked to fight Apple and Amazon for control of your home

"Unmasked in May, Google’s "assistant" fuses its deep search database with deeply personalized intelligence. The pitch: It can tell you anything you ask and know everything about you, if you let it." - MARK BERGEN 
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Technically it isn't as hard as you think. All it really comes down to is infrastructure. Although range might be limited. Better bet is finding a way to tunnel over existing infrastructure anonymously.

I have been curious actually about building a private network. Say in a grid down/zombie apocalypse scenario. Would likely be limited to content on that network unless there was some sort of way to securely tunnel onto the existing Internet.
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Jordan Henderson

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Her heart belongs to, uh... 
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Jordan Henderson

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Read the article.
"So, what a kilowatt hour of high-grade electric energy can do for you? Many useful things, i.e.: deliver 4-5 kWh of low-grade heat (or cold) into your home (depending on COP of a heat pump,) do your laundry (average A grade washing machine energy usage per cycle, ) wash your dishes (average A grade dishwasher energy usage per cycle,) boil 8 litres of water in your kettle (depends on water temperature,) provide a light on your desk for 4 days (average 10 W LED bulb,) let you drive your EV 4 miles at highway speeds (according to an HN comment, probably the EV is Tesla)"
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+Dave Maez I wouldn't be surprised to see the batteries get more dangerous as they get more compact.
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