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Jordan Henderson

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The great thing about Godwin's Law is that the more you are like Hitler, the less people will seriously take into account criticism of you on the Internet.
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It does introduce a blind spot wherein people genuinely behaving like Nazi thugs can't be called out on it with that comparison.
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Jordan Henderson

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Don't think the media spins for the Administration and Democrats?

Read this article.  They act as if the public has shifted on the Iran deal.

From the article:

Before the final deal was announced, polls found strong evidence for public support.

How could the public support a deal about which the details were totally unknown?  The public might have supported the ideal of a deal that would have prevented a Nuclear Iran, but once it was announced and it's seems that it's deficient in that regard, people don't like it. 
Nothing happened. Simple fact is the public doesn't trust this administration on foreign policy, and once they started opening their mouths...the public responded in kind. 
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Jordan Henderson

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Trolling the Football fans on Twitter.

What is that emoticon he's using? Fishing?
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You should use that in your Bio
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Jordan Henderson

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As of yet, no single factor can explain what causes people to behave in ways labeled...
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Modern phrenology.
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Jordan Henderson

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Jordan Henderson

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Proud that my state's senators (John Coryn & +Ted Cruz) will be voting to Defund Planned Parenthood today!
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And what percentage of that number will be counseled to abort?

I think I recall it being 1% will walk away with a referral for adoption services (probably almost exclusively by patient request), 5% with a referral for OB care, and the rest will get an abortion from PP. Those seem like good revenue streams to me.
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Jordan Henderson

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Hillary's Path to the White House
Democrats know, the easiest way to make sure that Democrats win elections is just to fix the elections. THAT explains the unpopular opposition to voter ID, the resistance to any efforts to clean up voter rolls, the resistance to common sense protections of a citizens' right to ensure that their vote is counted and not overridden by fraud.
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Jordan Henderson

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OK, Facebook has Berkeley Breathed, publishing new comics and interacting with Fans.

G+ has, me, it's true, but other than that, who?
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Jordan Henderson

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"Draft Biden" is trending on Twitter.
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Biden is always full of draft!? 
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Jordan Henderson

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OK, is this EM Drive for real or not?  When NASA confirmed it, I saw a lot of Scientists say that it must be measurement error and it couldn't possibly work.
Propulsion that defies conservation of momentum.  Seems like that should open up a lot of new possibilities, and not just for space travel!
The British designed EM Drive actually works and would dramatically speed up space travel, scientists have confirmed
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+Anthony Fink - I don't think the Russians are squeamish. 

+Peter da Silva - I share your skepticism.  If someone puts a little space probe up with one of these engines, and it works, I'll be convinced.  Until then I think there needs to be something more than within the margin of error to get excited about it.
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Jordan Henderson

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You might be unable to vote Republican, but why anybody would vote for the coronated Candidate of the DNC is beyond me.
var icx_publication_id = 16633; var icx_content_id = 2286905; .icx-toolbar{padding: 0 0 5px 0;} Is the Democratic National Committee dodging debates between its candidates this year? In May, the DNC announced its plans to hold six primary debates which would be in “the fall of 2015.” Yet as the Republican candidates prepare to square off, there is pointed silence from [...]
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That is a shame. We need to hear the candidates explain the difference between socialist and Democrat. And, which famous Democrats from history (if any) will not soon have to be erased as too racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, etc.?
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