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Smooth Calendar
A simple and good looking Android calendar widget!
A simple and good looking Android calendar widget!
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Today we released version, with the following changes:
New in standard version
- Reworked the rendering
- Fixed the icon not updating
- Added the premium version
- Added OSL info
New in premium version
- import/export settings
- custom backgrounds
- support for task via the task app (

Today we released version with the following changes:
- Reworked the rendering so its only done when the data changes
- Removed the loading screen
- Readded the update at midnight
- Added support for individual item colors
- Fixed today/tomorrow and highlights for multiple day spanning events.
- Added option to hide all events spanning more then one day
- Implemented Acra for better error handling and Joda for better date handling
- Added the ability to go directly to a calendar item

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Want to help test the next version of Smooth Calendar? Instructions on how to join the beta program can be found on our website.

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Feel free to vote for Smooth Calendar in the current Google competition!

Did you know that Smooth Calendar is the 82nd top free app in the tools category?

An updated version that supports Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is in the works, hopefully it will be released next week.

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Did you know? You can change the date format of Smooth Calendar to anything you want. Perhaps you want to add the day of the week?
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