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Is there any way to turn off Google+ notifications in my Gmail nav bar? Or is that just Google's way of telling me to finally shut down my G+ account?

So if I understand, the top two complaints about the new Facebook design are 1) News feed no longer shows unfiltered real-time updates in chronological order, and 2) There's an annoying box on the side that shows unfiltered real-time updates in chronological order.

Why would I want to watch any of this weekend's TV specials? I didn't even go back to college for my 10th anniversary and I LIKED college.

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Was telling +Josh Adams & +Saori Tsujimoto about this game last night. 1982 must make it one of the first of its type, right? Internet gives lots of credit to Magic (1993) for creating RPG card game genre, but what else preceded it?

Sign of the times: Got phishing spam saying not that I'd won a $1M lottery but that a company is accepting applications for a $23.30 - $52.26/hr job.

With each reposting, my refusal to watch these videos approaches willful perversity. If the next one is Cookie Monster singing Katy Perry on the subway, I just might crack.

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Will be very disappointed if the lyric isn't, "I know all there is to know about the Hunger Games".

Checking out Google Music. The Apple v. Google decision is shaping up to be a tough one. Either way, I'm not looking forward to putting all my eggs into one basket. It's like Sophie's Choice, only with computing platforms instead of kids. So, not like it at all. Anyway...

According to an NBC News transcript, Tim Pawlenty "boughed out" of the race. Presumably because he was as boring as a tree branch.
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