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What is this internet you speak of ?
What is this internet you speak of ?

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This weeks studio 360 #studio360  has a good interview with the creator  of   #blackmirror  ..
Something worth the listen .. after the interview I found my self wanting to seek out blackmirror and put it on to watch list  ...

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Youtube going a bit over the edge with agreements with artist and the new youtube music service ... one would say it is almost apple like it its need to control the content of an artist.  
All I can say it is a big mess now .. as Youtube has responded but it like most things dealing with youtube is all over the place .
Over zealous youtube rep ?  who knows but it is interesting  

Would love this topic discussed no TWITT or even TWIG as these guys +Jeff Jarvis +Leo Laporte 
do a good job debating the current events and giving some  views and opinion ..

Here are some other interesting links on the subject

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Who knew I needed a flow chart for my exercise choices .. Informative

This Graphic Helps You Choose the Right Fitness Class for You

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Who knew.. Beaver sent glans smell like vanilla and was used in food 😊

Dam Fun Facts About Beavers:

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How was the break out session on net neutrality? 
Attending #igfusa at #gwn . waiting for the Net Neutrality #igfusann break out session to start

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What a powerful was to get the point across ..keep your eyes on the road
#volkswagen #texting #driving

Volkswagen - Eyes on the road:

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For those of you who are older than 30 may remember this gem of a song from gym class..the currently running ad for apples iPhone with fitness addons features this song.. Saw the apple ad with this music and a flood of memories of gym class in elementary school came rushing in. What ever happen to gym class ... Next need to find some old square dancing records ... Did a lot of that in gym as well 😂
#chickenfat #gym #elementryschool #robertpreston

Robert Preston - Chicken Fat:

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So the this is the interesting back story of one of the most played and must well known love songs ever just give it a listen is a good story.

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Really cool concept for movie posters.

17 Movie Posters Improved With Animation

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Musical Toys of the 80s

For those of you or are old enough yo be children in the 80's. Do you recall playing with any of these creative but noise filled toys
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