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Made a new video about an accident I had, go check it out!

Verizon gave me an iPhone 5 with unlimited data so I can check out their LTE network, I'm gonna have some fun.

Oh Google+ I still don't know if I like you or not.  THis re-design is...interesting?  As I said, I have mixed feelings.

If I see one more person in my feed bring up #sxsw  I'm going to vomit.

Tried the new YouTube OneChannel and ended up reverting back.  I'm sorry but I don't want to be that guy that hates change but this is ridiculous.  I'm not just going to go along with it, eventually everyone will be forced to switch but until that day I'll stick with what we have now.

This Google+ profile re-design is actually pretty sweet but it goes back to my original problems with Google+: not enough of my friends use it frequent enough.

Oh Google+, what will I do with you?

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Here is the last video I've made for the year.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and other assorted holidays.  

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Here is my #P4A video, I collaborated with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on it.  DFTBA!

Tomorrow is the Project For Awesome!  You should be expecting a new video tomorrow morning related to it.
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