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Make your life your success
Make your life your success

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Never cared for the original. .. but that us awesome. ..

Nothing else matters metallica cover
Singer is 15 year old Caroline Baran. Wow that soul in her voice


Where does one find a tiny shed/cottage something on a beach to time out? Cheap and simple. Any ideas?

Anyone life on the beach?

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Pretty impressive

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Fever.. cold... Hot ... freezing... sweat.... uggly... stupid... hate it....

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Basic Recipe:
1. 1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder
2. 1/2 Cup Grains, Nuts, Freezer Dried Fruit, Dried Fruit
3. Some Honey, Juice or Water to bind it together
Mix well until you get a dough like consistency
4. Scoop a piece into a bowl with some grains and then form balls like the Video shows.

They last in the Fridge for a good Week or you can also freeze them. They make awesome snacking pre and post Workout or for a quick Breakfast on the go on rushed Morning routines.

Taste Variations:
A. Spirulina - Nut - Honey (Vanilla Whey, Sunflower seeds, Amaranth, Pumpkin seeds, Honey, Almonds chopped, Honey, a little Pineapple juice)
B. Tropical - Dream (Pineapple freezer dried, Mango Whey, Oats, Honey)
C. Berry Delight (Strawberry Whey, Beet juice, Strawberry Powder, millets, Linseeds, Blueberries dried)
D. Peanut Butter Delight (Dried Blueberries, Vanilla Whey, P2B, Peanut Butter, Honey, Oats)
E. Latte Macchiato (Coffee Latte Whey, Oats, Honey, P2B, Water)
D. Chocolate Delight (Chocolate Whey, Dark Chocolate sprinkles, p2B, Honey)
Get creative the possibilities are endless...

To Order Protein Whey We used all Sponser:
The Nuts and Grains you can find in any Grocery store.
For the Freezer dried Stuff we love:

#whey #protein #recipe #cycling3 #powerballs #proteinballs #sportfood
+Sponser Sport Food AG +RezeptGewürze +RezeptGewü

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Anarchy for all of us!! YAY

#anarchy #betterlife #lifecoach #behappy

Greetings to +Yifat Cohen we just talked about it ;-)
Anarchy is a word that either repels us strongly or has a deep fascination that it awakens in our mind… And as so rather often… there is a bit of both in all of us…

The older we get the more we are in a system that can hold us almost a bit hostage… escaping from it every once in a while (in a responsible way) is a very important self-regulating tool that we must master!

My Kids and I do it since a few Years and it works fine – for me as a Mom also! really fun! And then back to routine – because that is also what our life is about… 

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Time to finalize the season planing...
Plan the year race wise... where to go, where to race and how to train in between trying to balanca out my power, my time, my body and my chores and all...

tough one... as always...
wish me luck

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Crazy how much earlier it gets light in the morning... spring is coming closer and the days start to get longer.... 6 AM and that much view.

I am a light person- especially as the nicht owl I am, productivity wise. I depend on at least having light and feeling like it is day when I get up...
In a perfect world I wouldn't get up around a time like that but in reality that is my life and as much as I love working my stuff till far after midnight my kids depend on me and need me in the morning and it is part of the servis pack I force myself to deliver for several more years...

So well.... Good morning is much better wich some daylight arising and tops itself with sunbeams tickling the nose and birds singing. The even a night owls awakes with some sort of pleasure/true motivation.

Looking forward to these days ;)

Happy and productive Day to all of you! #rockyourlife #makethingshappen
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