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699 followers - is a sweet, savory, buttery, green and healthy food blog by Sanura Weathers. is a sweet, savory, buttery, green and healthy food blog by Sanura Weathers.

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NEW #RECIPE ALERT: Not a Bland Chicken Soup with Farro. A calming chicken soup for most minor stomach ailments that's flavored with thyme and gently sweeten with peas. Ladle soup over a bowl of farro, pasta or rice to make a substantial, quick-recovery meal. CLICK THE LINK TO GET THE RECIPE.

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Stop the press! Guess the vegetable in this #SmoothieNumber, and its barely noticeable in this tropical frozen drink of pineapples and guava juice. Click on the link to get the #recipe

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#Imani: "Our American culture has never been okay. I straddle my circle of friends of various age groups, to remind them we are one community deconstructing mainstream thoughts about physical and psychological violence against us since the beginning of American culture. Younger generations are now learning more about their history. I have faith in their ability to gracefully soar. They’re going to be alright."

Read more and get the #recipe for Roast Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Spiced Couscous and Yogurt at

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"The kitchen is a symbolic, spiritual, and central space, the nucleus and hearth of the home. The kitchen is a space for community time, of shared lives and of communal intimacy. A nourishing environment,like the womb, the kitchen it is the perfect environment to nurture creativity." By +Nadine Nelson 


#Kwanzaa #KwanzaaCulinarians2015 #HappyKwanzaa

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‪#‎Kuumba‬: In a Q&A with the author of “‪#‎Senegal‬: Modern Senegalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl,” Chef Pierre Thiam shares his knowledge about global influences in ‪#‎Senegalese‬ cuisine, traditional ingredients and offers a House of Mandela wine pairing with his Chicken Thighs served with Red Palm and Coconut Rice recipe, a twist of thiebou guinaar, that he calls the original jambalaya.

‪#‎HouseOfMandela‬ ‪#‎SenegalCookbook‬ ‪#‎MandelaInspired‬ ‪#‎Kwanzaa‬ ‪#‎KwanzaaCulinarians2015‬ ‪#‎HappyKwanzaa‬

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#Nia: "“As the world once again looks to Africa as a continent of economic opportunity, it’s more important than ever that we understand there is so much more to be offered than just minerals and resources, that #Africa is not defined by what can be taken, reaped, exploited. We must bring light and pride to the undervalued. We must realize that our food is good enough to be shared with the world, that food does not have to be complicated or precious to be good, that it can be full of soul, our love, authentic and true to our history and identity–a pure and always delicious thing.” "#Senegal: Modern #Senegalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl" by #ChefPierreThiam.

Read Chrystal of The Duo Dishes review of Thiam's cookbook and get his recipe for Sweet Potato and Mango Spice Cake at

#HouseOfMandela #SenegalCookbook #MandelaInspired #Kwanzaa #KwanzaaCulinarians2015 #HappyKwanzaa

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#‎Ujamaa‬: "Within my sector of the economic community, and in my city specifically, I’ve noticed there are less black women and men working in parts of culinary production. There are chefs and caterers, private cooks and food bloggers, although I don’t meet as many of the latter, but there are few who work as executive or higher level decision-makers for television or online content. If the community–all of those eyes soaking in hours of food content on a daily basis–thrives when everyone thrives, then we need to see everyone doing everything. Accurate and informed depictions of all there is in the world. My hope is that things will continue to improve, albeit the change has been slow." By Chrystal of +The Duo Dishes. Get her ‪#‎recipe‬ for Piri Piri Roasted Vegetables.

‪#‎Foodblog‬ ‪#‎KwanzaaCulinarian‬ ‪#‎kwanzaa‬ ‪#‎foodwriter‬ ‪#‎KwanzaaCulinarians2015‬ #SupportSmallBusiness #SupportBlackBusiness

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#Ujimaa: "From culinary scholarship to crowd sourced culinary brands emerging, 2015 has given us so much to be proud of. The following is a year in review that highlights some of the best parts of the sea change we’ve seen in the world of black foodways." By +Therese Nelson of Black Culinary History.

#HappyKwanzaa #Kwanzaa #Foodblogger #Foodwriter #KwanzaaCulinarians2015 #Foodblog 

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#Kujichagalia: On Community, Connection, Balance & Breakfast and a #recipe  for Fruit Frozen Pastry by  Lisa Johnson of via +Kwanzaa Culinarians

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[Photo Credit: Noah Fecks] #HabariGani! A #HappyKwanzaa toast with New Age Church Punch by +Nicole Taylor, author of and "The Up South Cookbook."

Get the recipe at

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