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Kris Witte
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Mobile Learning Entrepreneur

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Free courses with certificates of completion from MIT!

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MOOC Completion Certificate
Recently, I completed a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) by EdX called "Design and Development of Games for Learning".  I expected to browse the structure of the MOOC since I'm interested in understanding how games may motivate learning.  I didn't intend t...

Hi all,
This is my third MOOC and I'm interested in the topic as a non-profit co-founder in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Also, I'm interested in how a MOOC can engage learners. Delivering the MOOC from Google communities is new to me. The last MOOC I completed was MOBIMOOC 2012, and it was delivered from Wikispaces. I started a MOOC on Udacity, but not motivated to complete...more just drop in now and then. 

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