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Eldridge McFadden (Dendros)
A boll weevil is a little black bug..
Set down roots in the Pacific Northwest.  Trying to become more "Ent like".

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I've circumnavigated the North American continent in a rather large boat.
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August 2
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Eldridge McFadden (Dendros)

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Has there been a road reset that I missed?  I'm going over the roads in the Tri-Cities, WA area, and many changes I've made have...  disappeared/reverted to their previous state (which is wrong).  Any ideas?
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From what I've seen, some of them have the G badge, and others don't. You can check just by hovering the mouse pointer over their names.
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An interesting item I noticed about Bicycle paths.  Some interstates allow bikes to transit on them (at least in the Western U.S.)  But they do not seem to be visible at any elevation, even when marked.  When you select the bicycle layer, but are far zoomed of range, (say 3/4 down the slider bar), the interstates show as yellow.  When you zoom in further, all of the roads turn grey.  The roads which are marked National highway and lower in priority show solid green or dashed green lines as needed.  Freeways & Expressways do not.
  (Examples which show this are Interstates 8, 10, 40, & 17 in Arizona and Nevada (and ANY others I get around to marking!!!)
Shouldn't they?  Has anyone else noticed this trend?
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Done! (we'll get this bike layer up to snuff yet!
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The staff is very friendly, and the prices are just right. Had a couple of units for a year and never had any issues.
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The managers here are absolutely great. Saundra and Barbi are rock stars! They bent over backward to help me with my storage needs. Extremely friendly, I will go back again should I need to store gear in Port Orchard.
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8 reviews
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Great food and atmosphere! Be advised they take only cash or checks
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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