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Rahul Kharde
Don't Compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so,you are insulting yourself.
Don't Compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so,you are insulting yourself.

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HTTPHandler and HTTPModule in ASP.NET
If you
want to implement pre-processing logic before a request hits the IIS resources.
For instance you would like to apply security mechanism, URL rewriting, filter
something in the request, etc. ASP.NET has provided two types of interception HttpModule an...

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MVC5 Interview Questions?
MVC means ? MVC stands for Model View Controller. It divides an application into 3 component roles which is based on a framework
methodology. These component roles are discussed briefly as follows: Models : These component roles are
used to maintain the sta...

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Bootstrap for MVC5
 Bootstrap (a front-end framework) is an open source collection of tools that contains HTML and CSS-based design templates along with Javascript to create a responsive design for web applications. The Bootstrap front-end framework  Bootstrap is a sleek, int...

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What is the difference between ViewData, ViewBag and TempData?
ViewData ViewBag TempData ViewData
is used to pass data from controller to view ViewBag is also used to pass data from the controller to the respective view TempData
is derived from TempDataDictionary class ViewData is a dictionary object and
it is pr...

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Entity framework interview questions?
  Explain what is ADO.NET entity framework? ·          "Entity framework is a type of ORM (object relationship model) that
connects classes with database objects". It makes it easier to work with databases and tables
without worrying about columns and rows....

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Name 3 ways to get an Accurate Count of the Number of Records in a Table?
    SELECT COUNT (*) FROM table1      SELECT * FROM table1   SELECT rows FROM sysindexes WHERE id = OBJECT_ID ( table1 ) AND indid < 2

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How to get @@ERROR and @@ROWCOUNT at the same time?
@@ERROR - variable shows
the error number of the last T-SQL error @@ROWCOUNT- variable gives the number of
rows affected by the most recent SQL statements.  If @@ROWCOUNT is
checked after @@ERROR checking statement then it will
have 0 as the value of @@ROWC...
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