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Hi +Gabriel Gonzalez

You wrote a blog post in December of 2014 about using Applicative / Alternative to do SQL style joins. At the end you said that the approach could be generalized to work with SQL and you would expand on that in a later blog post. Is that still planned?


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The House passed CISPA today. This will then need to be passed by the SENATE and signed by Obama to become law. Obama says that he will VETO the legislation if it makes it to his desk, pending Senate approval, however, even with the VETO, congress can still overstep Obama's VETO and make it law anyways.


WHAT IS CISPA?? Find out here -

Post has attachment The US war on expatriates continues. It was a noble act to live the country you were born in to go to the US, but if you e.g. fall in love with someone from another country and move there to live with them you're wrong to do so. Very strange.

As far as "leaving for tax reasons", this is the fault of the US government. No where else on earth (except maybe North Korea) expects to to keep on paying US taxes after you've immigrated somewhere else and have nothing further to do with the US.

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lol at TSA's "response" to the video that exposes how useless their scanners are. Note the frequent spelling and grammatical errors. They must not have an actual PR department. I especially liked the "20 layers of security" graphic. Did they mean to have a picture that looks like planes crashing into towers?

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Wow, this is really crazy.
One of the most fascinating illusions!

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The day free speech in the US officially ended. This is exactly the tact Iran took when their citizens were demonstrating: media blackout to hide the illegal activities of law enforcement.
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