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Matt Cover
Political junkie. Music nerd. Baseball fan. Conservative. Views are mine.
Political junkie. Music nerd. Baseball fan. Conservative. Views are mine.

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So, the argument for why conservatives should support Romney is that he won't really scare independent voters by taking a strong stand for conservative ideas. Milquetoast, it's what's for dinner!!

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Oops, looks like income inequality is still a myth. Right up there w/ negative effects of voter ID laws and Bigfoot.

I'm always amazed at how some folks think social media is some kind of panacea. I've just never seen how 15 tweets per day = unlimited potential. Sure, you could tweet all the time and eventually you'll get noticed, but who has time for that?

I'm just not seeing much added value for most professions. Sure, it's fun to use and you might interact w/ cool folks, but outside of that, what can you do there that you can't do normally?

Honestly, that new Herman Cain ad is beyond bizarre. Not sure what they're trying to accomplish with that one. Weird.

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Sad but true: "A left-winger wouldn't, because from his perspective, the GM bailout was more successful than TARP."

Except that the GM bailout will lose $$. Liberals know this but still think it was great policy. Pissing away your $$ is good policy. Remember that.

TARP is one of those things that proves Churchill's adage about the speed at which lies move, and how slow the truth can be.

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Newt's in third. Beating Paul, Bachmann, Cain et al.

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Oh, right. The only time regulation is bad is when it's abortionists who are being regulated. What a bunch of losers.

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