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This time we have done something different, we teamed up with “Dona Estefânia” hospital and “Pavilhão do Conhecimento” museum, to let kids who were on the hospital to visit and explore the museum with magabots.

We used Google Chat on +Gmail not only to trasmit the video and sound between the computers but also to send the control messages.

The experiment was amazing! While they were kind of reluctant and confused at first, once they started exploring the remote museum their faces were filled with wonder and joy. All of them, without exception, had a lot of fun and we could see how much more relieved they were than before they tried it.

On the other hand, the kids that were on the museum appeared to be intrigued by the robots at first, but when saw that there was a kid on the other side, they flocked around it, and started to talk to them.

Watch the video ;)
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