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Crop Tops | Make It Work !
Beautiful People ! With so many
itty bitty things hitting the seasonal fashion scene, it can be hard for modest
fashionistas to find inspiration to come up with new looks for some fun in the
sun. Luckily, there are a few ways out there to , in the wor...
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Why You Should Give Up On Your Face Wash | Read More
I have been practising this for
the past four months and my skin has never been this clear and breakout free. My
face was prone to a lot of breakouts and I had to double up on my concealer to
hide the redness. However I stumbled upon this DIY mask/scrub and...
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The Inexpensive Way To Kill It | Read More
Looking like a million bucks doesn’t necessarily need spending
the same. My entire wardrobe doesn’t have any over the top priced piece . The
key to dressing well is all in the pairing. How you pair the pieces, the color
palette and accessories. 1.
Color Pal...
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many know this part of me , I don’t speak about this much . But , this incident
changed me so much and made me aware of so many things I was ungrateful and
ignorant of , I realized I should.  Dated back to  summer break
2011. It was the month of June an...
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The Formal Edit | Read More
Business and casual? Quite
the contrary isn’t it but, it is the best way to look effortless, stay
comfortable and yet meet the ‘formal’ dress code . Being professional
isn’t just by wearing corporate attires. You can wear a maxi dress and continue
to look p...
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How I Edit My Instagram Pictures | Read More
Which filters do I use , How do
I edit my photos , Which editing apps do I  use , How to maintain a feed ,Which planning
app do I use . Are a few very frequently asked questions. So , here is a post
answering all of those . For starters this is how my
feed ...
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URBY Passport Holder ( review ) | Read More
Hey you
, I just came back from a 11 day trip to Kuwait , most of you
must have gotten all the updates and insights  from my instagram and snapchat stories .   A day before I left I did a live unboxing of
a gorgeous passport holder from ‘URBY’. YOU GUYS IT ...
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How to art journal | Read More
Happy Sunday! Today’s post is all about channeling your inner artist and put
all your free time to use . If you recall I previously did a post “ 5 AWESOME ways to fill empty notebooks ” and
today’s post is just elaborate extract of the same . Art journals a...
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The College Girl : Shoe Essentials | Read More
Helloooooo Wassup Kyfam ! Today’s post is quite a read
so keeping the intro super short Let’s go Slip Ons : This shoe is one that you can slip on just
like flip-flops, but you'll always look more  polished
and sophisticated .   Slip
ons go perfectly with yo...
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DIY Lapel Pins | Read More
Kyfam ! Today’s post has to be my most favorite DIY of all time
because lapel pins are all over the place and buying a single piece is so
pricey . I of course wanted some pins for myself and chose the inexpensive way
and made some . Let's start    You...
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